C. Michael Perry • Author and Composer

C. Michael Perry • Author and Composer

C. Michael Perry — was born in Colorado and raised in Chicago, but now lives near Bangor, Maine. He found the theatre in High School and has made a living in theatre, film and television since then. He has worked major network television shows, and as a High School Theatre teacher. He has played in front of live audiences from Chicago to Utah to Canada to Germany and Italy in various plays and musicals; and has received acting awards for many leading and supporting roles. He has served as Director/Choreographer for over 70 shows on the Community, Educational, and Professional level. He is a Composer-Lyricist with over 40 produced/published musicals. (One in NYC: An Enchanted April) He is also the President of Premiere Theatrical Licensing, an umbrella organization that manages four subsidiary companies offering live performance rights on over 500 theatrical titles in all kinds of theaters across the world. 

Why I Write for the Family (an essay about my writing mission, is at the end of this page)

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MUSICALS (at Leicester Bay Theatricals)

MUSICALS (at Zion Theatricals)



MUSICALS at Eldridge Plays and Musicals

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  • Anne With An ‘e’: The Green Gables Musical (with Neil K. Newell)
  • The Apple Kingdom (with Carol Lynn Pearson)
  • A Christmas Memory (with Jason Anderson)
  • Cinderabbit! (with Mimi Bean)
  • Curses, Foiled Again! (with James G. Lambert)
  • Onstage! (with Nancy Zelenak)
  • Rumpelstiltskin (with Mimi Bean)
  • Snow White and the Miracle

PLAY ADAPTATIONS/EDITINGS at Eldridge Plays and Musicals

  • As You Like It
  • Hamlet
  • The Tempest


FICTION (at Leicester Bay Books)

  • Daniel Light and The Miracle of Mirador (Book 1 in the Children of the Orb SERIES)
  • Daniel Light and the The Blood Rose of Panador (Book 2 in the the Children of the Orb SERIES)
  • Daniel Light and the Circle of Light (Book 3 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) STILL EDITING
  • Daniel Light and the Child of Promise (Book 4 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) STILL EDITING
  • Daniel Light and the Exile of Aradon (Book 5 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES)
  • Daniel Light and the Children of the Flaming Sword (Book 6 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) READY, BUT UNPUBLISHED
  • Daniel Light: the Prince and the Pretender (Book 7 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) READY, BUT UNPUBLISHED
  • Daniel Light and the Brotherhood of the Burning Branch (Book 8 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) READY, BUT UNPUBLISHED
  • Daniel Light and the Two-fold Twins (Book 9 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) STILL EDITING
  • Daniel Light and the Golden Sceptre of Aydriel (Book 10 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Daniel Light and the Dark Prince (Book 11 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Daniel Light and the Contest of Kings (Book 12 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Daniel Light and the Tryst In Time (Book 13 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Daniel Light: Lord of Renewal (Book 14 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Daniel Light and the Histories of the Orb (Book 15 in the Daniel Light and the Children of the Orb SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Wembley Tewkes and the Edges of Time (Book 1 in the On the Edges of Time SERIES)
  • Wembley Tewkes and the Time Bandits (Book 2 in the On the Edges of Time SERIES) IN PROCESS
  • Wembley Tewkes and the Master of Time (Book 3 in the On the Edges of Time SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Wembley Tewkes and the Journal of Ambrosius Gryffudd (Book 4 in the On the Edges of Time SERIES) IN SCENARIO
  • Flashes and Shadows — The Tale That Shattered Summerville (YA Detective Novel)

SINGLE SONGS (Spiritual or Secular) at Shining Sharon Music

Original Compositions

  • Angels Sang — contra-melody to Hark The Herald Angels Sing — SATB
  • As Gold — Stripling Warriors — VOCAL SOLO
  • Because An Angel Told Me — Spiritual — SOLO
  • Becoming — Spiritual — SOLO, SATB
  • Born Of Heaven’s Power — The Priesthood —  VOCAL SOLO & SSA
  • The Children of Christ — 4Nephi 1: 15-17  — VOCAL SOLO & SATB
  • A Children’s Carol — Christmas — (with George G. King) — (2 lines for child voices)
  • Christmas Is Coming — (with James G. Lambert) — SATB [with optional Children’s Voices] & SOLO
  • Christmas Star — Christmas — (with George G. King) — SATB & VOCAL SOLO
  • Christmas Time — (with George G. King)  — SATB & SOLO
  • Easy — Friendship in Christ — VOCAL SOLO
  • Gardens — those places of Glory and Sacrifice — VOCAL SOLO
  • Greatest of All — VOCAL SOLO
  • Hosanna! — Easter — VOCAL SOLO & SAB
  • I Am His — taking upon us the name of Christ —  VOCAL SOLO
  • In Bethlehem’s Stall — Salvation from He who came as a little child — VOCAL SOLO
  • Jerusalem, Arise! — (Moroni 10) — VOCAL SOLO & SATB
  • A New Star — Christmas –VOCAL SOLO & SATB
  • Not Least Of All — What the Savior has done for us — VOCAL SOLO
  • O, Holy Child — Christmas — (with Carolyn Gifford) — SAB
  • Oh, Ye Fair Ones! — (Mormon 6) — SOLO
  • On My Knees — prayer —  VOCAL SOLO
  • Once Upon A Time — Turning over your will to God — VOCAL SOLO
  • One True Princess — VOCAL SOLO
  • Pillar of Flame — Joseph Smith — VOCAL SOLO
  • Princesses — daughters — VOCAL SOLO
  • She Believes — VOCAL SOLO
  • A Shining Star —  A double melody song about the birth of Jesus Christ and the signs that accompanied it. (with James G. Lambert) — SATB
  • Sing A Song of Faith —  (Helaman3:35) — VOCAL SOLO  & SATB
  • Solitaire — Single Life & Marriage — (with George G. King) — VOCAL SOLO
  • Son of God — about the Priesthood  — VOCAL SOLO
  • Still!  — about the Savior, then and now — (with George G.King) — VOCAL SOLO
  • The Sweetest Peace — The Temple — VOCAL SOLO
  • Talking Through The Ceiling — prayer, reaching God — VOCAL SOLO
  • Walk In His Ways — Spiritual — SOLO
  • We’re Not Alone! — He is always there  — VOCAL SOLO
  • Welcome Home! — Missionaries coming home  — VOCAL SOLO
  • Where Heaven Touches Earth — The Temple — VOCAL SOLO
  • Where Is Christmas? — Spiritual — SOLO
  • With You — Pop/Country — SOLO

Arrangements of Well-known Songs

  • Angels Sang — adapted from Hark The Herald Angels Sing  — SATB
  • Angels We Have Heard On High —  SATB
  • Beautiful Zion Built Above — Heaven — VOCAL SOLO
  • Calon Lan — Welsh Hymn — Music: John Hughes, Words: Gwyrosydd — VOCAL SOLO
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing — SATB
  • Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah — Music byJohn Hughes, Lyrics by William Williams — SATB
  • I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day — 2part voice
  • Jesus, Lover of My Soul  — SATB
  • Joseph Smith’s First Prayer —  SOLO
  • Mid Pleasures and Palaces (Home Sweet Home)  — VOCAL SOLO
  • O Come O Come Emmanuel — Traditional  — SATB
  • Oh, My Father —  SATB
  • Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus (Descant) —  SATB  Descant
  • Shenandoah — SATB
  • Sing Out Silent Night — Chritmas — SATB
  • Sweet Hour of Prayer — Music by William B. Bradbury. Lyric by William Walford — SATB
  • There is a Green Hill Far Away —  SATB

Christmas Cantatas and Celebrations

  • Wise Men Still Seek Him — (with Lindy Kerby)
  • The Promise of Christmas — script only


C. Michael Perry — is fortunate to have had a vast and diverse career. Born in Colorado and raised in Chicago, he found the theatre at age 14 and has made all or part of his living in theatre, television and film since the age of 16, with his first professional job as a stagehand in a Chicago theatre. He has worked major network television shows, and many commercials, and several shows for PBS and ABC, along with three independent films. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Theatre, where he also worked on his Master’s Degree.
As an Actor/Performer he has played in front of live audiences from Chicago to Utah to Canada to Germany and Italy in various plays and musicals. His first Regional successes occurred when he was 19 and played Eugene Gant in Look Homeward, Angel and Bernard in Pfeiffer’s People in Chicago. Early on he played Bill Sikes in Oliver!, Harold Hill in The Music Man, Mr. Henderson in You Can’t Take It With You, and Mr. Prescott in George Washington Slept Here. In college he played in many shows including the MCA/BMI premiere of Dance On A Country Grave by Kelly Hamilton at BYU, which toured to LA in a showcase performance that launched Mr. Hamilton’s career. He appeared in two other originals, Play The Drum So It Is Heard Again, and One House-Divided. Other roles include: Sam Harris in George M! (nominated for Best Suporting Actor-BYU), Charlie Davenport in Annie Get Your Gun, Hyppolytus in Jean Racine’s Phaedra, Monsieur Le President in Jean Anouilh’s Song of Songs, Marcellus in Hamlet, Chapuys in A Man for All Seasons, Annas in ‘The Passion of Christ: Betrayal and Crucifixion.”The Man in Beckett’s Act Without Words, and The Porter in Tennessee Williams’ The Last of My Solid Gold Watches. He was cast as Motel the Tailor for the USO Fiddler On The Roof, touring Germany and Italy, (including Berlin, where he was inducted as a member of THE BERLIN BRIGADE). He went on to play Frank Butler in Annie Get Your Gun (stepping in for a departing lead three days before opening and garnering a nomination as Best Actor in the UVTG Awards), Ben Tipton in the original Fauntleroy!, (winner of Best Character Actor UVTG Awards), Cornelius Hackle in Hello, Dolly!, (nominated for Best Supporting Actor UVTG Awards), Marcellus Washburn in The Music Man, Lyman Wight in the original play, Liberty Jail!, The Agent in the original musical Sweet Redemption Music Company, Neil Larsen in the original musical, High Days and Holidays, Polonius in Hamlet, Patrick O’Reilly in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, The Lawyer in Lo & Behold, Mr. Syme in The Outsiders, Sgt. Krupke in West Side Story, Mr. Robust in Finian’s Rainbow, and Pedro in Man of La Mancha. He also toured the Maritime Provinces of Canada in a three person revue, Broadway Our Way.
He has served as Director for over 60 shows on the Community, Educational and Professional level, including: Amahl and the Night Visitors, Hansel and Gretel—Utah Lyric Opera; Oliver!, The King and I, Tom Sawyer—Alhambra Playhouse; The Honorable Urashima Taro, White Lies, Light Waltz (original), Beowulf (original),—BYU; The Man Who Came To Dinner, The Mousetrap, On Golden Pond, Kiss Me Kate, You Can’t Take It With You, See How They Run (chosen as Utah State Rep to FACT/AACT in 1989); The Odd Couple, Dial M for Murder, Lo and Behold for The Pleasant Grove Players; Annie Get Your Gun, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Anne with an E–The Green Gables Musical (original), for Spanish Fork Area Theatre Productions, Inc.; Babes In Arms for Backstage Dinner Theatre; Jedediah! and Curses, Foiled Again! for Jedediah’s Outdoor Chuckwagon and Show; Daniel! (original) and Dramaturg on My Travels With Cecil (original), for The Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre in Virginia; Curses, Foiled Again!, Where Freedom Stands, and Frontier! for The SCERA Shell Outdoor Amphitheatre. As a Theatre Educator he taught at three schools where he directed The Wishing Tree (original musical), Dracula, A Christmas Memory (original musical), Anything Goes, Roomers, Cagebirds and Million Dollar Baby for Pleasant Grove High School [Drama Director]; Tom Sawyer (original musical) for Sherwood Hills Junior High School; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Christmas Dreams (original musical), Take Five, Our Town, Kiss Me Kate, Beowulf, Hamlet (2x), Arsenic and Old Lace, Pippin, The Tempest, The Outsiders, Over Here!, Tall Tales, Steel Magnolias, Julius Caesar, Into The Woods, The Foreigner, Hello Dolly!, Forever Plaid (Utah High School Premiere), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, State Fair, Marvin’s Room, As You Like It, West Side Story, Onstage! (original musical) and Fauntleroy! (revised original musical) as Director of Theatre for Spanish Fork High School. His 14 years of teaching Theatre in high school provided many students with the opportunities of winning competitions and receiving scholarships. His SFHS team took 1st Place in the Utah Shakespearean Festival in 1991, and they never placed less than 3rd in following 9 years of that competition; and often won Regional competitions. He was awarded the KSL Outstanding Teacher Award for his work at SFHS in 1994.
During the late-1970s and early-1980s he worked in Television on the The Donny and Marie Show and The Osmond Family Hour and many other specials, working directly with many stars: Buddy Hackett, Andy Griffith, Bob Hope, Paul Lynde, Robert Conrad, Lorne Greene, Wolfman Jack, Harvey Korman, Gavin McLeod, Roy Clark, Desi Arnaz, Jr, Andy Gibb, Danny Thomas, Mel Tillis, Anthony Geary, Dirk Benedict, Dick Van Patten, LeVar Burton, Ted Knight, Jimmy McNichol, Kristy McNichol, Jim Seals and Dash Croft, Joey Travolta, plus Ann-Margret, Betty White, and Ruth Buzzi; then he worked with James Coco, Rene Auberjonois, Peter Coyote, Barnard Hughes, and Mildred Natwick, and was also able to be a dialogue coach for Dame Judith Anderson in a 3 episode PBS series Showcase; then he choreographed a song and dance number, “Very Soft Shoes,” performed by Dick Van Dyke on an ABC-TrueValue Hardware Variety Special. He also worked as Gaffer on The Enchanted Musical Playhouse on two half hour musicals for the opening of The Disney Channel on broadcast TV: The Steadfast Tin Soldier (starring Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell) written by Jeffrey C. Sherman, and The Velveteen Rabbit, (starring Donny & Marie Osmond), written by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman, meeting, talking with and learning from them [read: soaking up knowledge and experience], and working again with Donny and Marie.
After meeting ASCAP Director of Musical Theatre, Michael Kerker, along with composers Craig Carnelia and Henry Krieger, and Broadway’s premiere Dance Music Arranger, Peter Howard at a convention in Texas, Mr. Perry explored the possibilities of doing a similar thing in Utah. Within a year he and Michael Kerker brought Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt to a convention in Logan, Utah, where Michael got to spend time and trade writing stories with them. The following year brought Jerry Herman to Utah in one of the most splendid concerts in Michael’s experience. Jerry, a personal inspiration for Mr. Perry, brought with him, Michael Kerker, and Broadway’s premiere Musical Director, Don Pippin, and three broadway stars: Paige O’Hara (Belle in Disney’s film Beauty and the Beast), Jason Graae, one of the original Forever Plaids), and Karen Morrow, Broadway Singer-Actress, and Jerry’s personal 1st choice to play in the various productions of Hello Dolly and Mame around the US. This was a meeting from which friendships developed and lifelong attachments were formed –– and much was learned. The following year Michael Kerker returned with composer Stephen Schwartz, and Jason Graae and Karen Morrow. What a time that was!
As a Choreographer he has prepared over 50 productions. His first choreographic experience came on his very first two musicals where he got to be assistant choreographer on Oliver! and The Music Man; then he received the assignment to choreograph Babes In Arms when he was only 17, which promoted a lifetime of choreographic involvement: Old Hundred-New Hundred for the Village of Hinsdale, Illinois; The Bluebird by Maeterlinck, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Entertaining Mark Twain, Onstage (premiere), Light Waltz (original musical), Toad! (original musical and first student choreographer on BYU’s mainstage), George M! (Dance Captain), Brigham! (original musical for BYU Centennial starring Harve Presnell, who became a great friend and even sang demos for Mr. Perry’s newest musical, Liberty Jail!) all at BYU; Big River for Sundance Summer Theatre; Broadway, Our Way! for Chester Playhouse Canada Maritimes tour; Jedediah! and Curses, Foiled Again! for Jedediah’s Outdoor Chuckwagon and Show; Kiss Me Kate for Pleasant Grove Players; The Wishing Tree (original musical), A Christmas Memory (original musical), Anything Goes, for Pleasant Grove High School; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Christmas Dreams (original musical), Kiss Me Kate, Beowulf, Pippin, Over Here! (by The Sherman Brothers), Into The Woods, Hello Dolly!, Forever Plaid (Utah High School Premiere), You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, State Fair, West Side Story, Onstage! (revised original musical) and Fauntleroy! (revised original musical) for Spanish Fork High School; Oliver! and The King and I for The Alhambra Theatre; Broadway’s Children (revue) at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Amphitheatre; Annie Get Your Gun, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown, for Spanish Fork Area Theatre Productions, Inc.; April Ann, Frontier! (original musical), Marty (original musical), for Valley Center Theater; along with 2 productions of Fiddler On The Roof and one of The Music Man for area High Schools; Man of La Mancha and the jubilant Godspell for Castle Productions. He has also danced in the following productions: Guys and Dolls, Marty (original), Latter-day Ruth (original), George M!, Man of La Mancha, Dance on A Country Grave, Annie Get Your Gun, Babes In Arms, The Sleeping Beauty Ballet, then in the ‘role’ of Billy Bigelow in a ballet version of Carousel, and Smee in a ballet version of Peter Pan. With two years on his High School Gymnastics team and 25 years of dance classes (both studying and teaching) his life has been full of dance.
His Music Direction of actors and orchestras contributed to a win as BEST MUSICAL for A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum by Castle Productions from the Utah Valley Theatre Guild; a highlight was Big River for Sundance Summer Theatre; How The West Was Done was Thanksgiving Point’s contribution to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City playing to sold out houses; Finian’s Rainbow, Kiss Me Kate (nominated for Best Musical Direction), Liberty Jail, Fauntleroy!, and The King and I were with various theatres; for many of the 40 produced shows he has composed, he has also served a Musical Director, arranger, orchestrator and conductor.
He is the Composer [C], Lyricist [L], and/or Playwright [P] of over fifty plays and musicals including Cinderabbit! for PBS, which won an Emmy Award and a “Best Of The West” Public Television award. Most of his plays and award winning musicals have been produced across the nation and many have been produced internationally. His very first musical, a commissioned work at the age of 19, was produced near Chicago in 1973 — Old Hundred-New Hundred [CL]. An Enchanted April [CL] had its New York Premiere on 42nd Street in November of 2019. More information can be found at anenchantedapril.com. His produced and published works include: Anne With An “E” – The Green Gables Musical ([C], Rumpelstiltskin [C], Entertaining Mark Twain [CL], Cinderabbit! [C], Curses, Foiled Again! [CL], The Apple Kingdom [C], Snow White and the Miracle of Mirador [CL], A Christmas Memory [CL], Onstage! [CL], The Tempest [PCL], Hamlet [PC], As You Like It (PCL] are represented by Eldridge Plays and Musicals; Wild Ducks [C], Turn The Gas Back On! [CL], Jedediah! [CLP], The Pumpkin Child [CL], Fauntleroy! [CL], Tom Sawyer [CLP], Kewpie! (now titled Rose) [CL], Christmas Dreams [CL], The Planemaker (adaptation) [P], Of Babylon [CLP], The Scarlet Pimpernel [CL], Frank’n Styne [C], El Bully [CL], How The West Was Done [CL], The Adventures of Huck Finn [CL], Heidi [CL], Daniel! [CL], Jonah! [CLP], Coming Home: A Christmas Story [CL], are all available through Leicester Bay Theatricals. Liberty Jail [C], Where Freedom Stands [CL], The Anointed [C], Teenage Witness To The Martyrdom [CL], They Called Him Brother Joseph [CL], A Voice from the Dust [C] are all available through Zion Theatricals. Shows awaiting production at this time are: The Saga of Sasquatch C’lone [CL], Where Is Jill? [CL], Great Expectations! [CL], Such Stuff As Dreams [CL], Golden Dreams [CLP], Little Princess [CLP], Cricket On The Hearth [CLP], Christmas On The Blue [CL], The Ballad of Parley P! [CL], Let There Be Love [CL], Little Men [CLP], and Apocalypso [CL]. Produced, but Out of Print shows include: Light Waltz [CL], That’s Life [CL], Frontier! [CL], Marty (The Tender Touch, The Homey Touch) [CL], The Never-ever Wedding [CL], and I Talked-You Talked [P]. He has written the music to Shakespeare’s lyrics for 4 shows: As You Like It, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest. There are, regrettably, additional musicals that were never finished, or abandoned, due to oh-so-many reasons: The Cry of a Prophet [CLP], The April of Our Seasons[CL], Saint [CLP], Trains [CLP], Dixie! [C], A Spring To Remember [CL], The Angel and the Rebel [CLP], Remember My People [CL], The Littlest Angel [CLP], Panador [CLP], The Tymes of All Eternity [CL], Showtime [C], Fairy Tales and Fables [CL], This Is Our World [CLP], The Show Queen [CL], Zits, Cliques and Ugly Shoes [CL], A Christmas Carol [CL], Pollyanna [CLP], Lady Sarah [CL], An Ordinary Monk [CL], and Witness [CL].
Original Cast Albums have been issued of: Cinderabbit!, Liberty Jail, Turn The Gas Back On!, A Christmas Memory!, and Where Freedom Stands. All are still in print on CD.
He has composed 33 original solo and choral songs for the Christian / Latter-day Saint markets; and has arranged an additional 16 titles for the same markets. All are on Sheet Music Plus. (See the titles above)
He is, or has been a member of The New England Theatre Conference, Maine Arts Commission, The New England Foundation for the Arts, Theta Alpha Phi, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and has been a member of The Educational Theatre Association, The International Thespian Society, Associated Latter-day Media Artists (ALMA), Christians In Theatre Arts, The Texas Educational Theatre Association, The Utah Theatre Association, Rocky Mountain Theatre Association, Ohio Community Theatre Association, Southwest Theatre Association, and The American Alliance for Theatre In Education. He has also served as the President of the Theatre Guild Of Utah Valley in central Utah.
For thirty years, until its sale in 2008, he was President of Encore Performance Publishing of Orem/Salt Lake City, Utah, which he founded — a publisher of over 400 plays and musicals for amateur, educational and professional markets, now owned by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.  He also worked as the VP of Sales and Marketing for General Theatrical Supply of Salt Lake City. He has done freelance GhostWriting for Scottsdale MultiMedia on about a dozen titles. Currently, he is the Owner/Publisher of Leicester Bay Books, Zion BookWorks, Leicester Bay Theatricals and Zion Theatricals and Shining Sharon Music.
He is the Author of two published fantasy adventure series: THE CHILDREN OF THE ORB, Book 1: Daniel Light and the The Miracle of Mirador, Book 2 Daniel Light and the Blood Rose of Panador, Book 5 Daniel Light and the Exile of Aradon, plus the completed but unpublished manuscripts for 7 more and scenarios for five more after that (can be found at: childrenoftheorb.com and miracleofmirador.com); and THE EDGES OF TIME SERIES, Book 1: Wembley Tewkes On The Edges of Time, plus 2 more in progress and an additional in scenario, (can be found at: wembleytewkes.com); then there is “Flashes and Shadows — The Tale That Shattered Summerville” a Young Adult Detective Novel. In various stages of development are: “Sweetwater Salvation” An Historical Fiction, “Amcanico: The Children of the Apocalypse — A Retrospective of the Future,” and “The Night Shift,” a Teen-Paranormal Fiction, “Angel,” an Historical Fiction of the Civil War, and “The Pod City of Palak III” or “Paradise Interupted” a Science Fiction Adventure.
He is an Eagle Scout with The Order of the Arrow and makes his home in Newport, Maine with his wife Sharon. His daughters, Jessica, Janalynn, Joelle and son Jon-Christopher, are out on their own; married and such! He has three grandchildren of whom he is extraordinarily fond.

Why I Write (and publish) For And About The Family

(Sort of a mission statement)

I believe that the family is the central organizational unit of this world. There is nothing that compares to it and there is nothing that can replace it. I am speaking of all types of families — traditional and non-traditional. It is of unique structure. It is of paramount importance. Where there is love, caring, bonding, blood-ties, ties of duty, responsibility and authority; where there are co-importance and interdependence, that is where you may find a family.

I write plays, musicals, novels, stories and songs — and anything else — in support of The Family. I create so that each family can reaffirm, from what I write —  can pluck from it — something that they need, whether they knew they needed it or not — those somethings are what make each family uniquely special, different — viable.

I write for the child in all of us. Whether that child is of the age of a child, or has grown beyond those childhood years and into adolescence, young adulthood, or has become a parent themselves, or aunts and uncles, or grandparents — or even great grandparents — I hope that something in my writing will touch each one of them in some way that reminds them that we are all children — all members of The Human Family — along with those other relationships that sustain us and draw us close.

I write for the instruction of ‘the child’. I write for the edification of ‘the child’. I write so that ‘the child’ may laugh and cry; hope and dream; teach and learn; and give. ‘The child’ in each of us.

Whether it is exploring the individuality of each family member that helps create a family, or fathoming the unity of the individuals within a family, I think it is important to probe all the dynamics involved in making up the greatest unit ever created: The Human Family.

I want families to read together; attend the theatre together; watch films together; sing songs together. Discuss. Talk. Communicate. I want children to ask the difficult questions. I want parents [and others] to answer those questions openly and honestly; completely. I want the world to fight the approaching plagues, not give in to them. Preparing our families for the battle against the coming foe will prepare the world for a possible victory in those battles.