How The West Was Done • Vocal Selections Music Book

How The West Was Done • Vocal Selections Music Book

Book and Lyrics by ELIZABETH HANSEN

Music and Lyrics by C. MICHAEL PERRY

A fast paced, toe tapping’, rip roarin’ “Western” show full of authentic American music and many original songs that will both delight the heart as well as tug at its strings. To say that this show both spoofs and honors our western heritage, is to call a polecat a just a skunk. 

Not wanting to spoil it all, let’s just say that like all good cowboy stories, everything ends happily for everyone concerned. Looking for love on the lone prairie takes more gumption and spit than anything, and these characters certainly have it!

Premiered at Thanksgiving Point in Utah for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. 

ELEVEN SONGS from the musical!

  1. How The West Was Done
  2. There’s a Stage Coach A’Comin’
  3. The Wild Wild West
  4. Be Lonesome
  5. Oh, Susannah!
  6. That NoGud Man
  7. The Lonely Men Medley (including “Clementine,” “I’m A Rambler, I’m A Gambler,” “Home On The Range,” “The Lone Prairie.”)
  8. Shenandoah
  9. Comin’ Round The Mountain
  10. Too Good To Be True
  11. A Bit Of This And That


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