Star Of Israel • The Musical Story of Esther

Star Of Israel • The Musical Story of Esther

Book and Lyrics by George King and Gayanne Ramsden King

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry

A dramatic and sometimes comic musical romp through the story of Queen Esther in Babylon, during the Jewish Captivity. Three Chamberlins, drivers of the plot, set the stage and deliver the story of love, betrayal, politics and faith in an ancient world. Chosen by God, yet unsure of her own abilities, Esther learns and grows to be a savior of her people in Ancient Persia. Her power of the truth in believing eventually overpowers the self-important and godless, Haman. The Jews needed to be saved and protected and Esther was The Chosen One.



  • 3f, 3m, 5 either + ensemble
    • In order of appearance
    • Chamberlains Biztha, Carcaz, and Zethar 
    • Queen Vashti (F)
    • King Ahasuerus (M)
    • Mordecai (M)
    • Esther (F) [Soprano]
    • Esther’s Maidens (F)
    • Bigthan
    • Teresh
    • Haman (M) [tenor]
    • Haman’s wife, Zereth (F)
    • Haman’s Friends
    • Crowd
  • About 100 minutes
  • Stylized period costumes
  • Stylized flexible setting
  • ORDER #3333


The PERUSAL PAGES file is in PDF format and contains the first half of this musical: Star of Israel 03-01-2022 PERUSAL No performance rights are granted to anyone with the possession of a Perusal Pages Document, nor are you obligated to a performance run by the possession of the document.

SONG LIST (demos in BOLD)

  • 0 PrologOrchestra
  • 1 It’s Up To You • Chamberlains
  • 2 A Louse of a Spouse • Vashti
  • 3 Vashti-To-Go-Go • Chamberlains & King
  • 4 Love Is My Song • King
  • 5 Love Is My Song Reprise • King
  • 6 The Future Is You • Mordecai & Esther
  • 7 A Star To Steer By • Mordecai
  • 8 Rise Up! • Esther’s Maidens
  • 9 When I Look at You • Esther & Ahasuerus
  • 10 Chosen One • Maidens, Esther, King
  • 11 Flim-Flam Man • Haman and Followers
  • 12 O God of Israel • Mordecai
  • 13a This Is My Choice • Mordecai , Esther
  • 13b This Is My Choice (rep) • Esther
  • 14 Bow Now Thou Jew • Haman
  • 15 I Only  Hate • Haman
  • 16 Hangin’ Around  & Flim-Flam Man (reprise) • Haman, Zereth, Friends
  • 17 Honor • Haman
  • 18 My Life and Breath • Esther
  • 18b My Life and Breath (reprise) • Esther
  • 19 Make Ready • Mordecai
  • 20 Never Stand Alone • Company
  • 21 By the Living God (reprise?) • Esther, Mordecai
  • 22 Star of Israel • Company

SONG SAMPLES — (mp3s from the FINALE Music Notation files)


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STAR OF ISRAEL — The Musical Story of Esther
Book and Lyrics by
George King and Gayanne Ramsden King

Music and Lyrics by
C. Michael Perry

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