Christmas On The Blue — A New Musical for Christmas

Christmas On The Blue — A New Musical for Christmas

Licensed by Hansen-Perry Productions through Leicester Bay Theatricals

Book by Elizabeth Hansen

Music and Lyrics by C. Michael Perry


Christmas Eve in 1943. The war still rages in Europe and the Pacific, as, outside of Cleveland, Ohio, WCCR, a small radio station, struggles to survive not only the worst blizzard in 100 years, but with the fact that it’s pretty near broke. “Christmas On The Blue” centers around Doris Irving, the woman who runs the station, who has not heard anything about her MIA husband, Morris, since July of 1943. Suspecting the worst, she may be forced to close the station as WCCR, a member of the “Blue Network”, (which has struggled since its separation from NBC) has lost nearly all of its advertising to stations still affiliated with the larger networks.
All her prayers have gone unanswered and she’s just about given up hope. Then, from out of the blizzard, a handsome stranger, NICK ANGELO, appears, who seems to be an “answer to their prayers,” showing up out of nowhere. He can sing, act, dance…there doesn’t seem to be anything he can’t do. But there’s something about this guy. Something Doris can’t put her finger on, something familiar, something…wonderful. And everyone can feel it.

There are also a few surprises for the staff of the radio station, as Sparky (Horace Irving), the son of the owner frequently plunges the station into darkness. The singing duo of Teddy and Betty vie on the air and off as their romance sours and sweetens — repeatedly. The Sullivan Sisters, a trio of Flora, Nora and Cora sing the jingles and play in the sketches. We find that Sparky is kind of sweet on Cora. “Nick” Garland seems to be just what the station director ordered — someone who can fill in for the missing Morris Irving and help run the studio — and make it successful. They look on him as an angel, and Doris, missing Morris, tests the waters. They work to get one big sponsor; someone to invest in the station and push them to solvency. Nick seems to be their ticket to finding that sponsor. It all hinges on one broadcast of their local hillbilly comedy “The Shenanigans”. In a last-ditch effort, Doris and Nick have arranged for the last possible client that is big enough to dig them out of debt, to listen to the show that night. If he doesn’t come through with a sponsorship, they’re finished. At the big broadcast — everything goes wrong. However, the show twists and turns until all are happy — even Doris.
The songs are classical musical theatre with a big band influence. The ‘blue’ in the title refers to NBCs “blue” network — a very popular format through the 30s and 40s: local talent mixed with live broadcasts of major stars and songs.




  • DORIS IRVING – late 30s — An EVE ARDEN type, a tough woman with a heart of gold. She’s determined and smart, but at the end of her rope. She’s vulnerable, and misses her husband who’s been MIA for over a year.
  • “NICK” ANGELO – late 30s — A CARY GRANT type, handsome and talented, kind and generous. He’s everyone’s dream. He’s the type that never loses hope, but also sees things with a realistic eye. (Also plays MORRIS IRVING, Doris’ husband.)
  • SPARKY IRVING – 17 — A MICKEY ROONEY type, but taller. Full of more energy and ability than he has sense. This kid does everything, the SFX, the recording, the bathrooms. He really runs the station, but is a bit of a klutz. He wants to prove himself to his mother so that he can take over the station and save it.
  • TEDDY BAYER – 27ish — A DONALD O’CONNOR type. Teddy is funny, a great singer, and hopelessly in love and envious of his wife, Betty, the other half of the Singing Singers. He’s ambitious, but not ruthless; goofy, but not stupid; and a pushover.
  • BETTY BAYER– 24ish — A JUNE ALLYSON type. She’s pretty much the female version of Teddy…but a little more ambitious. Equally as in love and envious of Teddy as he is of her. She, however, ain’t no pushover.
    FLORA – 21 — Is man crazy.
    NORA – 19 — Is just crazy.
    CORA – 17 – Is crazy for Sparky.


  • ONE interior setting — a radio station, with control room and studio space visible
  • 1940s costumes
  • About 100 minutes
  • Order# 1004

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups. Leicester Bay Theatricals is acting as AGENT for this musical. It is not considered a PUBLISHED musical, but one that is “in-process”. You will actually be negotiating the rights with the authors themselves, as we at LBT will be referring you to them.)


PERUSAL SCRIPT: The PDF of 1/2 of the script (Act One) is available: COTB PERUSALCOMPLETE051217


  • #1 — OVERTURE/WCCR Jingle(full)
  • #1a — ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH — Radio Choir
  • #2 — CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU — Betty (original arrangement and lyrics — not the updated)
  • #3 — I’LL DO IT — Sparky
  • #4 — WCCR (STATION JINGLE) (full) — the Sullivan Sisters
  • #5 — OOPS — Company
  • #6 — MY THREE ORAS — Sparky and the Sullivan Sisters
  • #6a — STATION JINGLE (short) — Sullivan Sisters
  • #7 — THE SHORT LIST — Teddy & Betty
  • #8 — NO ONE BUT YOU — Nick
  • #9 — ON CHRISTMAS DAY — Teddy & Betty
  • #10 — STATION JINGLE (entire) — the Sullivan Sisters
  • #11 — MISTLETOE — Cora & Sparky
  • #12 — DANCING ON AIR — Sparky
  • #12a — DANCING ON AIR (reprise) — Sparky & Nick
  • #13 — LIKE AN ANGEL — Doris & Nick
  • #13a — STATION JINGLE (short)
  • #14 — AT DINKELHEIMER’S — Company
  • #14a — STATION JINGLE (a cappella)
  • #16 — ENTR’ACTE/WCCR Jingle(full) — the Sullivan Sisters
  • #16a — TEDDY’s and BETTY’S Bad Murphy Jingle — Teddy & Betty
  • #17 — LET ME TRY IT, MA! — Sparky (This is the old lyric, Let Me Do It, Ma!)
  • #18 — MORRIS OR LESS — Doris
  • #19 — A MIRACLE IN TWELVE — Company
  • #19A — STATION JINGLE (short) — Sullivans
  • #20 — SHENANIGANS THEME SONG — Company
  • #20a — MURPHY’S LAW JINGLE #1 (Sparky’s rewrite) — Sullivans
  • #21 — WAR BONDS — All but Doris
  • #22 — DECK THE HALLS — The Shenanigans Family
  • #23 — THE HOMEFRONT ON CHRISTMAS DAY — The Shenanigans Women
  • #23a — MURPHY’S LAW JINGLE #2 (Sparky’s Rewrite) — Sullivans
  • #23b — STATION JINGLE (full)
  • #23e — MURPHY’S LAW #3 — Sparky w/Sullivans
  • #23f — STATION JINGLE — (full)
  • #24 — HE DID IT! — Company
  • #25 — CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU /WE DID IT! (Reprise) — Company
  • #26 — CURTAIN CALL

DEMO SONGS: rough selected mp3 vocal demos of the songs.


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The following is how the credits should read in all programs, posters, fliers, handbills and other promotional advertising for the show:
Christmas On The Blue

A New Musical for Christmas

Book by
Elizabeth Hansen

Music and Lyrics by

C. Michael Perry

NOTE: The names of the Playwright(s), Composer, Lyricist, and Bookwriter shall be equal in size, type, coloring, boldness, and prominence. No billing shall appear in type larger or more prominent than the billing to the Authors except for the title of the play.

Christmas On The Blue” is presented through special arrangement with Leicester Bay Theatricals.  All authorized materials are also supplied by LBT,”

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