Jonah! • The Musical

Jonah! • The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by

C. Michael Perry

 (For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, Middle Schools/Junior High Schools, LDS & Other Church Groups, Youth Theatres)

A one-act adaptation of the popular Bible story where God speaks to Jonah, Jonah speaks back to him but decides not to listen and proceeds to try to hide from God. In a similitude of the Savior, he spends three days in the belly of the whale (or great fish), likened unto the three days in the tomb. He emerges a new man. He follows the will of the Lord and is not happy about it until he is allowed to realize that all people, no matter their state of righteousness, have the right to salvation.


  • Bare stage. Props and scenery should be from found items.
  • 4m + chorus of 10
  • About 45 minutes
  • ORDER #3006

Available for ALL performance groups.


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file is in PDF format and contains the first half of this short musical: Jonah PERUSAL


  • #1 — Arise, Jonah!            Voice
  • #2 — Middle Of The World        Jonah & Sailors
  • #3 — From The Deep            Jonah
  • #4 — Arise, Jonah! (Rep)        Voice
  • #5 — Nineveh City            Jonah
  • #6a — Nineveh City (rep)        Jonah
  • #6b — New Man            Jonah & Chorus
  • #7 — Of You!                Jonah and Cast

SONG SAMPLES (Non-Vocal Demo  files from Finale Music Notation)

DEMO CD available here


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