Preposterous Parley P! • A One Man Show

Preposterous Parley P! • A One Man Show

a One-man show by Thom Duncan.

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS Church Groups)

The life and times of Parley P. Pratt from his conversion to his discipleship with Joseph and the Church. Funny and compelling.


  • 8 Characters can all be played by One Actor, or they can be cast as follows: 6M 1W 1B
  • About 90 minutes
  • Order # 2014.

Available for ALL producing groups.


Perusal Pages File Available ParleyPrattPERUSAL. The PDF file contains the first act of the two act script.


  • Script in PDF format — Order #2014a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • First Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2014d : $65

  • Second Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2014e : $55

  • Professional Performance License can be granted by filling out the Performance License Application: No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and sent to us. This is a filler form that after you click “SUBMIT” will send directly to our email address. Response averages 2-3 business days.


  • Since its premiere in the late 1970s the one-man show toured for 35 years all over the county


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