The Order Is Love • Classic Musical

The Order Is Love • Classic Musical

Book & Lyrics by
Carol Lynn Pearson

Music by
Lex de Azevedo

© Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission

The classic musical is available once more for production by all groups!

The tale of Orderville, Utah—1875-1885—where over 700 Saints lived and worked and played and prayed together in the United Order, a version of the Law of Consecration, seeking Zion, learning tolerance and patience, expanding “love” towards “charity.”  We see our own foibles and failings in those of the residents of Orderville as they learn the hard lessons of sharing, giving, getting along, and wondering how can I love my neighbor even when I can’t even stand him and after all I work harder than he does and my skilled work is worth more than his lowly weed-pulling.  And oh, it’s about romantic love too, discovering that people are more important than things and that most important of all is how we treat one another. The play reaches a universal dimension as it shows man, whose feet are forever bound to mortal soil, but whose hands continue to reach for – and sometimes touch – a star.

A rollicking and incredible musical score will take your actors and audiences on a great emotional journey. The literate and exciting script will tug at the heart strings and lift the corners of the mouths of all who experience it.


  • Characters: (13m  6w 3Teenboys  4teengirls + ensemble of adults and children)
  • About 2 hours
  • Settings: Several interiors and exteriors
  • Costumes: Pioneer 1880s
  • Order # 2076

Available for all groups!


“This is considered one of a few watershed plays in the development of Mormon drama because it raised professional writing standards and reached a commercial audience.” — Mormon Literature Database at the HBLL Library at BYU. The quote originated in Sunstone Magazine under the name of Frederick Bliss & P.Q. Gump, which was a pseudonym for a famous author/reviewer who is LDS.


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: OrderIsLovePERUSAL
  • The Original Cast Album is available HERE on CD.


  1. Overture
  2. Love Thy Neighbor
  3. A Little More Love
  4. The Lean Life
  5. We’re Brothers
  6. The Things I Don’t Really Need
  7. Keep Your Seat To The Grindstone
  8. Harvest Song
  9. Progress
  10. The Husking Bee
  11. The Weeping Willow
  12. Christmas Made To Order
  13. Evening Prayer
  14. Gotta Think About Mine
  15. A Little More Love (reprise)



  • Performance License Application: No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and sent to us. This is a filler form that after you click “SUBMIT” will send directly to our email address. Response averages 2-3 business days.


  • Script in PDF format  — Order #2076a : $25.00 (will be sent to you by email, from which you will be authorized to make copies for your production)

  • Piano-Vocal Score (in PDF format) — Order #2076b : $25.00 (will be sent to you by email, from which you will be authorized to make copies for your production)

  • Orchestrations (in PDF Format) — Order #2076j : $250.00 (Orchestrations consist of: Flute, Oboe Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet I, Trumpet II, French Horn, Trombone I, Trombone II, Percussion Set [Timpani, Tambourine, Xylophone, Bossa Nova Shaker, Bells, Conga, Chimes], Standard Drum Set, Piano, Violin I, Violin II, Violin III, Viola, Cello, Bass) from which you will be authorized to make copies for your production)

  • PerformanceTraks CD — Order #2076h : $70.00 (This is a partial set of tracks, we are currently searching for all of the songs in Performance-Traks format, but, for now, there will need to be live music (piano or orchestra) for 4-5 of the songs in addition to the use of the PerformanceTraks.)

  • First Performance LDS Ward and Stake Royalty — Order #2076d : quoted on application (For each successive performance)
  • Second Performance LDS Ward and Stake Royalty — Order #2076e : quoted on application (For each successive performance)
  • Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application.

NOTE ON SHEET MUSIC OF INDIVIDUAL SONGS: If you are looking for sheet music for a particular song from the show, we can make that available to you for a small fee. We have had a lot of demand for this and, while we love to make the big bucks, we would prefer to just meet your needs and get you the song you want at a more nominal price, which in the end is better for you and easier for us.


  • Bonstetten Switzerland Ward — April 2021
  • Eugene Oregon Santa Clara Stake — July, 2016
  • Produced in subsequent years by numerous stakes and wards and community theatres
  • Premiered at Brigham Young University to full houses and great reviews in 1970

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