E. Gray Simons III — AUTHOR

Playwright E. Gray Simons III has worked for fourteen years as an Artist-in-Residence at BTF. In 2000, he became Artistic Director of BTF PLAYS! and has since written and directed more than a dozen original plays, among them Aesop’s Network, Nursery Rhyme Café, Mystery Sideshow 2: Strange Waves, and Mystery Sideshow 3: Way Out West.
Simons made his BTF directorial debut in 2000 with The Wind in the Willows and in 2001 he became director of the Summer Performance Stories, The Odyssey, The Magic Flute, Arabian Nights, and Monkey. Other directorial credits include The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver! and Peter Pan(2009) on BTF’s Main Stage, Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone? and Holiday Memories in the Unicorn Theatre, Robin Hood at the Berkshire Museum, The Who’s Tommy at Brandeis University with co-director Eric Hill, and Big Love at Brandeis University. His BTF acting credits include One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Peter Pan, Moby Dick-Rehearsed, and Wilder, Wilder.
Berkshire Theatre Festival’s year-round education program, BTF PLAYS! serves area students from kindergarten through high school. At the heart of BTF PLAYS! is a passionate commitment to bring live theatre and all its inherent excitement and creativity to children in our region. Each year, more than 10,000 students in underserved rural and inner city schools throughout Berkshire Country are reached through in-school residency programs, vacation camps, and our touring production. Over the course of the summer, BTF PLAYS! hosts vacation camps for students from grades K-6, providing opportunities to learn about acting, improvisation, storytelling, and working behind the scenes in the theatre.



Atlantis Lost and Other Legends from the Strange Waves (History-Mystery Sideshow Series) – (NOW with LBT)

  • 2004 (Berkshire South Regional Community Center)
  • 2004-05 (Berkshire Theatre Festival(BTF) PLAYS! Tour)

Way Out West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark and Other Tales  (History-Mystery Sideshow Series) – (NOW with LBT)

  • 2005 (Berkshire South Regional Community Center)
  • 2005 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2011 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)

The Mummy’s Tale and Other Voices from the Great Beyond (Mystery Sideshow Series) – (NOW with LBT)

  • 2010 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

The Riddle of the Sphinx and More of History’s Mysteries Revealed (History-Mystery Sideshow Series) – (NOW with LBT)

  • 2002 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2010 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2010 (Virginia Stage Company Tour)



Aesop’s Network: Broadcasting Theatrical Fables (Inspired by Aesop’s Fables) –(NOW with LBT)

  • 2007 (Unicorn) & (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2010 Idaho Shakespeare Festival
  • 2011 (Virginia Stage Company Tour)


Alice in Wonderland (Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s novel) –

  • 2001(BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

Arabian Nights (Adapted from stories in “The Book of One Thousand and One Nights”) –

  • 2003 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

Cinderella (Adapted from the Grimm’s fairytale) –

  • 2007 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Adapted from the story by Hans Christian Andersen) –

  • 2013-14 (BTG PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2014 (Infinity Theatre Company) and (Arts-for-All Tour, 2014)

Hansel and Gretel’s Grimm Tale (Adapted from Grimm’s fairytales and based on earlier works co-written with Tara Franklin) –

  • 2009 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2011 (Berkshire Museum)
  • 2009 (Virginia Stage Company Tour)
  • 2011 (Idaho Shakespeare Festival)

Hercules (Based on stories from Greek Mythology) –

  • 2008 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

Just So Stories (Adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s stories) –

  • 2001(Berkshire Theatre Festival’s Unicorn Theatre)
  • 2003 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2013 (Berkshire Theatre Group on the Neil Ellenoff Stage)

King Midas and the Golden Touch (Based on stories from Greek Mythology) –

  • 2006 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)

The Magic Flute (Based on Emanuel Schikaneder’s libretto from Mozart’s opera) –

  • 2002 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

Monkey (Based on the Chinese Folktale “Journey to the West” and written in collaboration with Blue Hill Performance Ensemble) –

  • 2002 (Berkshire Theatre Festival’s Unicorn Theatre)

Nursery Rhyme Café (Inspired by a variety of classic nursery rhymes) –

  • 2005 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)

The Odyssey (Based on Homer’s epic poem) –

  • 2001(BTF PLAYS! Tour)

Pinocchio (Adapted from the story by Carlo Collodi) –

  • 2012 (Berkshire Theatre Group on The Neil Ellenoff Stage)
  • 2012-13 (BTG PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2013 (Infinity Theatre Company) and (Arts-for-All Tour)

Play Ball! (Based on events concerning the origins and history of baseball) –

  • 2015-16 (BTG PLAYS! Tour)

Robin Hood (Based on the various ballads and legends of Robin Hood and co-written with Foster Durgin) –

  • 2004 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)
  • 2006 (Barter Theatre)

A Tour of Mount Olympus (Based on stories from Greek mythology and co-written with Tara Franklin) –

  • 2000 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)
  • 2008 (BTF PLAYS! Tour)

Virginia’s History – Part I: Jamestown (Based on events from the history of Virginia) –

  • 2012 (Virginia Stage Company Tour)

Wind in the Willows (Adapted from Kenneth Graham’s novel) –

  • 2000 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)
  • 2009 (BTF PLAYS! at Berkshire Museum)



Sleeping Beauty’s Dream (Adapted from several Grimm’s fairytales)
Virginia’s History – Part II: The Revolutionary War (Based on events from the history of Virginia)
Virginia’s History – Part III: The Civil War (Based on events from the history of Virginia)
Funny, Ha-Ha: The Origin of Laughter (History Mystery Sideshow Series)
The Music of the Spheres: Creation and the Universe (History Mystery Sideshow Series)
A Tour of Mount Olympus 2 – The Hall of Heroes (Based on stories from Greek mythology)
A Tour of Mount Olympus 3 – The Underworld (Based on stories from Greek mythology)

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