Eric Samuelsen • Author

Eric Samuelsen taught at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio before joining the faculty at Brigham Young University in 1992. He became head of the Playwriting program at BYU in 1999. He has also taught as an adjunct faculty member in the Religion department. He retired from BYU in 2012.
As a playwright, Samuelsen has had twenty-seven plays professionally produced in Utah, Indiana, Louisiana, New York, and California. Some of his plays include Gadianton, which has seen three professional productions across the country, A Love Affair with Electrons, Family, The Plan, and The Way We’re Wired.  He is resident playwright at Plan B Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, who designated their 2013-14 season a ‘Season of Eric,’ including productions of six plays.
He is a member of the Playwrights’ Circle, and the Dramatists Guild. He is three-time winner of the Annual Award in Playwriting offered by the Association for Mormon Letters (AML) and he became president of AML in 2007. In 2013 the organization awarded him the Smith Pettit Award for his lifetime work as a playwright.
He has been a staff writer for the on-line satirical magazine The Sugarbeet. He was also featured in the book Conversations with Mormon Authors, edited by Chris Bigelow. He is a noted Ibsen translator, and has also published scholarly articles on 19th and 20th century Scandanavian Theatre, and more recently, on LDS drama and film. He blogs at

Plays in the Leicester Bay Theatricals Catalog:

  • A Love Affair With Electrons (Philo T. Farnsworth and the invention of Television)(coming soon)
  • Amerigo (Christopher Columbus) (coming soon)
  • CoughLaugh (experimental)
  • A Doll House (translated and adapted from the Ibsen original)
  • Ghosts (translated and adapted from the Ibsen original)
  • He and She Fighting (coming soon)
  • Little Eyolf (translated and adapted from the Ibsen original)
  • Miasma (coming soon)

Plays in the ZT Catalog:

Soon to be in the Zion Theatricals Catalog:

  • Letter From A Prophet (Joseph from Liberty Jail) (co-authored with Charles Metten)
  • Accommodations Association for Mormon Letters Best Drama Award
  • 3 (Three short plays about Mormon women confronting their own culture: Bar and Kell, Community Standard, and Duets)
  • Peculiarities (six vignettes on youth and sexuality)

His Novel:

  • Singled Out (from (A novelization of his play, “The Way We’re Wired”)
  • SingledOutNOVELART









  • Emma (An Opera with Murray Boren)
  • Playing The Game (Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival regional production)
  • Sex and the New York Yankees
  • Nothing Personal
  • Clearing Bombs (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize)
  • Fairyana (Plan-B Theatre’s Radio Hour Episode 8)
  • The Ice Front
  • Inversion
  • Intersection
  • What Really Happened
  • Ten Minute Plays (Kiss, Blood Pudding, Behind The Door, Burning Desire, Perfect Circle
  • A Girl Who Blushes
  • The Christmas Box (based on the novel by Richard Paul Evans) [rights unavailable]