Esther: Queen of Courage  • One-woman Show

Esther: Queen of Courage • One-woman Show

by Myrth Elizabeth Burr

Ask yourself, “Do I have the courage of a Queen to stand firm for what I believe, EVEN IF I PERISH?” Esther was faced with the horrifying thought that her head would be chopped off with an ax if she went before the King without being called, but, she knew she must save her people from death. With the courage of a Queen she said, “I will go afore the King and if I perish, I will perish.” The words of old Mordecai kept ringing in her ears. “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” Esther knew that she must approach the King as always with confidence and grace. She stood, for a time, in the outer court of the King’s house. She moved from column to column, slowly, dreading each step she must take. She eased into the inner court with all the courage she could muster.


  • 1 woman
  • biblical dress, if desired
  • few small props, no setting
  • About 40 minutes
  • ORDER #2090

Available early to mid-March 2020!


When the spirit touched you with the desire to further serve beyond what had been asked, you responded in a most beautiful way–through researching, writing and dramatizing the lives of righteousness from the past. The thought came to my mind, when you meet these people on the other side they will embrace you and call you blessed.” –Elaine

“Thank you for coming to Palm Springs and sharing your talents, with us. We felt the spirit as we learned about the values of Biblical women. Your presentation was positive and rewarding. I felt like I was there living the lives and experiences with people from the past. Many lives have been enriched.” –Karen

“I just wanted to tell you how deeply your stories of the Bible affected me. It is most obvious you have received inspiration from you Father in Heaven.” –Joyce

“Thank you for sharing with us your insight of women from the Bible. We heard your presentation at the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, and was honored to have you speak at our Women’s Conference.” –Highland, Utah

“What a wonderful weekend. You brought a great rekindling of the spirit to us as you personalized the lives of those we admire from the Bible. It gives us strength to put our own trials in perspective.” –Oklahoma


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  • Extensive tours with many performances throughout the years to many locales in the United States and around the world

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