Jinn • A Fantasy

Jinn • A Fantasy

by Mahonri Stewart

(Under license from Prospero Arts and Media)

To avoid the emotions of her life—even the joys—Calypso explores shops in the search for trinkets, outfits, and nonsense. However, one day she discovers a mysterious shop that was more than she was bargained for, as she acquires a colored bottle that contains a Jinn—a repressed spirit—that reveals to her just how much damage she has done on her emotional life.

GENRES: Mythology, Drama, Fantasy


  • CAST SIZE: 4 (2 f, 1 m, 1 either)

Shopkeeper  can be female or male

Calypso –– a young woman

Jinn 1 — female

Jinn 2 — male

  • RUN TIME: 30 minutes
  • SETS: a shop in the ancient world, simple or elaborate
  • COSTUMES: Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, or modern
  • ORDER # 3316


“It is cathartic to experience a play like Zion Theatre Company’s portrayal of Mahonri Stewart’s Jinn and Other Myths. This performance does not just entertain, but also challenges you to analyze the artistic material and also yourself.”Jocelyn Gibbons, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

“It’s a powerful commentary on us as a society and as individuals. Her challenge is ours and ultimately it becomes a rather ironic question of self-determination. Do we face our past mistakes, grapple with the grief, and become better people for it? Or do we bottle it all up and, in so doing, let those mistakes control our lives while we ourselves remain broken? The question is almost too easy to answer, but the play artfully captures the human elements that make it so hard for Calypso (and symbolically us as a society) to make the healthy choice. Facing one’s mistakes is a very punishing process emotionally, and even after Calypso makes her choice, I was none too certain that I would have had her courage.”Hillary Stirling, A Motley Vision


  • A copy of the PERUSAL SCRIPT (in PDF format) which contains Act One of the script of the play is available: Jinn PERUSAL
  • Published in the volume EVENING EUCALYPTUS AND OTHER PLAYS by ZARAHEMLA BOOKS, available at AMAZON — A great way to peruse this and other plays: HERE
  • Take a look at other short Greek Dramas from Mahonri Stewart: THE DEATH OF EURYDICE, REFLECTIONS, THE TROJAN CHILDREN


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  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3316d : $35

  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3316e : $35

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a new play by
Mahonri Stewart

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Jinn is presented through special arrangement with Leicester Bay Theatricals.  All authorized materials are also supplied by LBT, www.leicesterbaytheatricals.com”


  • Arizona State University (Student Production), 2013
  • ZTC/The Off Broadway Theatre, Salt Lake City, 2012

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