Jimmy and the Star Angel • A Christmas Musical Adventure

Jimmy and the Star Angel • A Christmas Musical Adventure

Book by Jerry Robbins

Music and Lyrics by Jeffrey Gage

The miracles of Christmas are in the small things, the things we take for granted; the things that have become family traditions. However, it seems that miracles are in short supply this Christmas and Jimmy and his sister Samantha, are both missing their father after his tragic death since last Christmas. Each child deals with their loss in their own, not-entirely-healthy-way. After Jimmy breaks an ornament, he and his sister are magically transported to the perilous world of their own Christmas tree, as they race to find the Star Angel to change them back to their real size before morning sunbeams freeze them into ornaments. A dynamic and contemporary, Broadway-style score propels the characters forward to a positive conclusion.



  • 7 Principals (1b, 1g, 4m, 2w, several supporting players + ensemble of up to 20 (Smaller with more doubling of parts)
  • Contemporary and Fantasy Costumes 
  • Unit setting with insets
  • Special effects both visual and practical
  • Running time: 2 hours
  • Order #3364


SONG LIST [does not included scene change and incidental music. (Some of the songs have changed slightly from the Audio Drama version)]

  • #1 — Overture — Orchestra
  • Scene 1: The O’Connell Living Room-Early evening
  • #2 — Agent Anaconda — Jimmy
  • Scene 2: The Front Yard
  • #3 — Same Old Snowman — Samantha, Jimmy
  • Scene 3: The O’Connell Living Room
  • Scene 4: The Base of the Christmas Tree
  • #5 — How Is This Possible? (parts 1, 2, 3) — Jimmy, Samantha, Rutland, Bradford
  • #6 — Christmas SparklesOld Saint Nick, Elf
  • Scene 5: A Few Branches Higher On the Tree
  • #7 — Look At Him Go!’66, Ensemble
  • Scene 6: The Base of the Christmas Tree
  • Scene 7: The Top of the Smokey Wheels Ramp
  • Scene 8: The First Branch
  • Scene 9: The Next Branch
  • Scene 10: Empty Side-Scrimshaw’s Lair
  • #8a — Sentimental ReasonsMacaroni Girl, Tinsel Elf, Victorian Caroler, Ensemble
  • Scene 11: Craggy Edge of the Tree / A Street In Boston / A Store
  • #10 — Boston HarborEnsemble
  • #10a — Shine a LightLighthouse and Ensemble
  • Scene 12: The West Side of the Tree
  • #11b — Rootin’ Tootin’ ChristmasSheriff, ’66, Samantha, Jimmy, Lighthouse, Ensemble
  • Scene 13: Empty Side-Scrimshaw’s Lair
  • #12 — Wakey Wakey Snowman Trio
  • #13 — James The DestroyerScrimshaw, Snowmen
  • #14 — Entr’acte — Orchestra
  • Scene 1: The Midnight Follies
  • #15 — Snowman SpectacularHead Snowman, Snowman 1, Snowman Trio, Snowmen
  • Scene 2: The Fix-It Branch
  • #16 — Jimmy’s Rant Jimmy
  • #16a — Safe In Your Memory Pockets, Jimmy
  • Scene 3: Branch of Hanging Garland
  • Scene 4: The Fix-It Branch
  • #19 — Agent Anaconda (reprise)Jimmy, ‘66
  • Scene 5: Empty Side-Scrimshaw’s Lair
  • Scene 6: Empty Side Prison and Scrimshaw’s Lair
  • #21 — Same Old Snowman (Reprise)Samantha
  • #21a — If They Only Knew — Samantha
  • #22 — Snowman Escape SpectacularHead Snowman, Samantha, Snowmen
  • Scene 7: Top of the Tree
  • #25 — Incidental: Top of the Tree — Star Angel, Ensemble
  • #26 — Safe In Your Memory (Reprise)Star Angel
  • #27 — Star AngelStar Angel, Tiny Tim, Jimmy, Samantha, Ensemble
  • Scene 8: The O’Connell Living Room
  • #29 — Finale (underscore)
  • #30 — Bows
  • #31 — Exit Music

SAMPLE  DEMOS from the AUDIO DRAMA/Radio Broadcast 

(NOTE: Some songs have lyrics that do not match the current version of the show)


  • Production Script PDF RentalORDER #3364a : $50.00

  • Production Vocal Book PDF RentalORDER #3364b : $30.00

  • Production Piano-Vocal Score PDF RentalORDER #3364c : $50.00

  • 1st Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty (or Only Performance Royalty) — ORDER #3364d : quoted on APPLICATION
  • 2nd Performance Amateur/EducationalRoyaltyORDER #3364e : quoted on APPLICATION



Jimmy and the Star Angel

A Christmas Adventure

Book by Jerry Robbins

Music and Lyrics by Jeffrey Gage

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