Saints In Revolt • Light from the Dark Ages

Saints In Revolt • Light from the Dark Ages

A Medieval Metadrama by Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger

A Medieval esprit d’corps bands together to claim conflict against Thomas Aquinas in a metaphysical gender revolution.

Hildegard of Bingen, Joan of Arc, St. Bridget and Julian of Norwich return with a mission from the Age of Mysticism, each woman in her own right has a claimed conflict with Thomas Aquinas, our antagonist, in this plot of intrigue, love and faith against the oppressive forces of the Inquisition and sexism. The end of time has come and God has decreed an end to the Age of Secrets. Famed theologian, Thomas Aquinas now fears that his teaching about women will be found erroneous. He calls forth these strong women of his day under the pretense that he has written a play in their honor. Yet when they arrive, they find that he was planning to burn them all at the stake to rid the world of all record and memory of their contributions. When Thomas’ plan backfires, the women see fit to create their own scenario, casting Thomas and other men in unimagined roles.

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  • CAST: 4f 2m
    • Hildegard of Bingen — the now famous Prophetess of the Rhine, 12th Century Benedictine abbess, healer, preacher, composer, musician and mystic.
    • Julian of Norwich — English mystic and theological writer; anointed anchoress of the Middle Ages, who lived in the walls of the church with only a small portal to receive Holy Eucharist and to see those who came to her as counselor.
    • Saint Bridget — 14th Century Swedish mystic who was a channel for John the Baptist and other tormented human souls. While still in the womb she saved the ship her mother was on and from that point became known as a visionary working miracles. The seventh child of a powerful family, she married at thirteen, and before long bore eight children to complete her domestic life.
    • Saint Benedict — a Roman aristocrat who died in 543, but brought a beautiful blend of sincere devotion with psychological insight with the incarnation of Western monasticism. The music of his mission is again popular in the sounds of Benedictine chants emerging today.
    • Joan of Arc — the peasant girl who paraded about France in the 1400’s wearing men’s clothing and proclaiming experiences of saintly visions. At the turning point of the 100 years war, she was subjected to an inquisitorial trial and condemned as a heretic and a witch for her androgynous threat to the military.
    • Thomas Aquinas — 13th Century Dominican Friar and Parisian professor; A portly Neapolitan aristocrat of sedate disposition who firmly believed that the existence of God could be proved in five ways by the power of human reason and not by feminine intuition. The lost book will serve to prove his life’s work in vain, thus he tries to stop its retrieval, ensuing it will cause the ultimate demise of the church law.
  • A wasteland of no specific dimension
  • About 40 minutes
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SAINTS IN REVOLT – Light from the Dark Ages

A Medieval Metadrama

by Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger

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