Stones • A Play

Stones • A Play

by J. Scott Bronson

ALTARS — 2M1W. Open Setting

TOMBS — 2M 1W. Open Setting. Time for each: Just under an hour.

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, High Schools, LDS Church Groups, Youth Theatres)

STONES is the recipient of the 2001 Award for Drama from the Association for Mormon Letters. “STONES is a perfect example of the three keys to playwrighting: Story, Character, Dialogue. Both acts thousands of years apart in real time, appear outwardly to tell two different stories. But the similarities in the themes of faith and family reach across the years to bind the play into one coherent story that is relevant today and will always be as long as humans walk the Earth.”

ALTARS is the story of Abraham, Isaac and Sarai. TOMBS is the story of Mary, Jesus and Joseph. Each story is told in simple terms, presentation-wise. No elaborate costumes or setting, the production is intended to focus on the storytelling: the conflicts within, and the character relationships; along with the symbolism that is inherent in these parable-like tales. These plays can be presented separately but it is recommended by us and preferred by the author that they be performed in tandem.

  • About 100 minutes
  • ORDER # 2020

Available for ALL producing groups.


Steven Kapp Perry: ‘Stones’ with playwright J. Scott Bronson

“He’s worked onscreen in “Touched by an Angel” and other television and film work, but LDS playwright Scott Bronson’s first love is the stage; whether it’s writing, directing, or acting. This month he’s doing all three at once in his award-winning play “Stones,” playing at the Covey Center for the Performing Arts though April 26th of 2008.This powerful work is actually two parallel one-act plays – “Altars” and “Tombs,” – played by the same actors. The first tells the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, and the second featuring Mary, Jesus, and Joseph. Scott talks about his rules for putting words in the mouth of scriptural characters, the idea of sacrifice, and the human side of doing God’s will. I loved every minute of his thought-provoking conversation and I think you will too.”Steven Kapp Perry


  • Perusal Pages File Available here: StonesPERUSAL (The PDF file contains one half of each act (1/2 Altars and 1/2 of Tombs, along with all the pertinent script and background information.)
  • Or you can order the official PRINT BOOK, which contains the entire script in a reading format HERE for $10.95 • Order #2020ap
  • Or you can read the entire play in the new Anthology: Saints On Stage (Available from Zarahemla Books)
  • You can also order the KINDLE ebook for $6.99 (HERE). It is not a legal rehearsal/performance copy. The play may not be produced from this copy.


  • Script in PDF format — Order #2020a : $25.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • First Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2020d : $70

  • Second Performance Ward/Stake/Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2020e : $60

  • Professional Performance License can be granted by filling out the Performance License Application: No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and sent to us. This is a filler form that after you click “SUBMIT” will send directly to our email address. Response averages 2-3 business days.
  • Music CD (music composed for the play’s intervals) Order #2020j : $15.00


  • Escondido California — 2008
  • Covey Center for the Arts, Provo — 2008
  • Center Street Theatre  (Nauvoo Theatrical Society) Orem, Utah — 2003
  • Little Brown Theatre (Redbeard Productions) Springville, Utah — 2001
  • Staged Reading — Provo Theatre Company — 2000

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