Life More Sweet Than Bitter • A Musical

Life More Sweet Than Bitter • A Musical

Book and Lyrics by Pat Davis

Music by K. Newell Dayley

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups, LDS & Other Church Groups)

The moving story of Russian Jews forced out of Bolshevik Russia who come to settle in America. They go through the horrors of Ellis Island, long months and years of separation, religious differences in a new land all to build one man’s dream. This is the true story of Maurice Warshaw, a western supermarket pioneer and founder of the Grand Central chain of stores.

He arrives in Salt Lake City and falls in love with — a Mormon. A great love story. A fine tale of enduring to the end. Based on the biography of Maurice Warshaw by Rhoda Kelsch.


  • 22M  6W  6TB  6TG  4B 2G plus extras. Doubling recommended
  • Wing and drop settings
  • 2 hours
  • Order #2045


  • The PDF PERUSAL PAGES file is available here LifeMoreSweetPERUSAL It contains the first act of this two act musical


  • ACT I
  • #1 — God’s World Is Great and Holy (chant)        Rabbi
  • #2 — Life Is What You Make It            Rabbi & Boys
  • #3 — Always Together                    Nathan & Rebecca
  • #4 — There’s Something Better Out There        Joseph, Solomon & Men
  • #5 — One Day At A Time                Nathan, Uncle Samuel
  • #6 — Whispered Lullaby                Rebecca
  • #7 — I Wonder                        Company
  • #8 — I Wonder (DANCE)                (ORCHESTRA)
  • ACT II
  • #9 — Look In The Basket                Maurice, Philip and Company
  • #10 — Incidental Music In The Park            (ORCHESTRA)
  • #11 — A Gentile Is A Gentile Is A Gentile        Maurice
  • #12 — Never Look Back                Julie and All
  • #13 — If I Had A Girl Like You            Maurice
  • #14 — Always Together (reprise)            Julie, Eva, Sadie, Little Eda
  • #15 — Dance (Yes, We Have No Bananas)        (ORCHESTRA)
  • #16 — Two Different People                Maurice, Inez
  • #17 — Always Together (reprise)            Nathan, Rebecca
  • #18 — 1425 Kensington               Inez, Maurice and Company
  • #19(a,b,c) — Finale                    Maurice, Uncle Samuel, Inez, Julie and Company

SONG SAMPLES (From the Original Cast Album)

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  • Other productions in LDS Wards and Stakes across the country 1977-2000
  • Premiere Production at The Promised Valley Playhouse — 1977

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