Borderlands • A Play

Borderlands • A Play

by Eric Samuelsen

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups)

What’s it like to pretend to be perfect? What’s it like to be a Mormon but question your faith? What’s it like to be gay and LDS? What’s it like to live in the “Borderlands”? A powerful exploration of the difference between outward orthodoxy and true faith. This is not an easy play. It asks hard questions by presenting tough material in edgy situations. It deals with hypocrisy and self-righteousness but deftly avoids smugness or easy answers. In each of the characters we see a little piece of Eric himself. These four characteristics of Eric, as characters themselves, have a stirring, problematic and essential conversation with each other and that conversation is what BORDERLANDS is all about. This play is also about ‘coming out’ — but not in the way most traditionally thought about. The young gay character has already come out. It is the other three who have a need to ‘come out’ and discover what it is that they truly believe about who they are and how they are. Set in a used car lot in Provo, Utah this play is written with Latter-day Saint characters, but its philosophies and questions – its heart – are part of any Faith.

Play contains mature language and situations.


  • 2M 2W
  • DAVE MCGREGOR . . a car salesman
    GAIL LEWIS . . . an independent business owner
    PHYLLIS WELLS . . . an office manager
    BRIAN ROENICKE. . . a mechanic
  • About 2 hours
  • ORDER #2031


Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director of Plan-B Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, and the director of two readings of the play and, the Plan-B production of BORDERLANDS, was a guest in a podcast with moderator and host, Stephen Carter of Sunstone Magazine, where he made the following observations:

“BORDERLANDS is a transcendent piece of theatre. It is an example of how theatre can change people’s lives.”

The question came up of ‘How can you be truly faithful and human without doubt?’ The answer is “You can’t.” Faith and doubt are necessary opposites that assist in that transcendence, in the mere living of a successful life. EDITOR’S NOTE: There is always doubt – until there is not.

BORDERLANDS remains one of the most successful plays ever produced in the entire (over 30 year) history of Plan-B Theatre Company.


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  • OutCast Productions, Langley Washington2024
  • Reading at Plan-B Theatre Company – 2018
  • Published in “Even More Plays from Behind the Zion Curtain.”  – 2012
  • Published in Sunstone Magazine – 2009
  • Premiere at Plan-B Theatre Company (SLC) – 2011 (Productions Photos PDF) BorderlandsPHOTOS
  • As recognized by the Dramatists Guild of America, Plan-B Theatre Company is the only professional theatre company in the United States producing full seasons of new plays by local playwrights.
  • Reading at Fort Douglass Theatre — 2008


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A Play

Eric Samuelsen

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