The DreamBuilder • a play

The DreamBuilder • a play

by Tim Slover
(For production by Professional Groups, Community Groups, and College & University Groups)

In an eclectic mix of the ancient and the contemporary, DreamBuilder retells the story of Noah and the ark. For 600 years, opposed by an unfriendly district council, the decidedly unhandy Noah has tried and failed to make his building projects match his dreams. But God’s call changes everything. The Lord expects Noah to build an ark. But he has problems. He’s all thumbs. His wife hates animals. One of his sons is working for the other side. And it hasn’t rained for over 150 years or so.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The story of Noah is found in the sacred writings of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and a flood account is common to many cultures throughout the world. Generation to generation the story has been told from China the the Hebridies, from Palestine to the Americas. There are, of course, differences in the story, depending on where it is told, and each generation draws its own lessons from the chronicle of a man who listens to God and saves his family. Somehow it never wears out. Now the story is being told to you in your generation and culture — a generation and culture, we need hardly remind ourselves, as cherished by the Bringer of rains as any other. In this story, Noah is a failure, has been for hundreds of years. But God can work with failure in any of us And, just as under His hand Noah’s centuries-old backlog of failed building projects become the ark, so our inventories and failures and sins — given over to God — can become not our greatest triumphs (for we know that for such foolishness God has only contempt), but His.


  • 5M 1W 6either
    • Six Chanters, also play the District Council, workers, animals, and other parts
    • Noah, a builder
    • Shem, his middle son
    • Ham, his youngest son
    • Ruby, his wife
    • Messenger, his celestial contact
    • Japheth, his oldest son
  • Noah’s front yard — a single multi-location setting.
  • 90 minutes
  • ORDER # 2032

Available for all producing groups


“Everyone knows the story of Noah, the biblical character who built the ark. But the present incarnation at BYU – …this script by Tim Slover  is different…There are definitely some good things here.” — Laurie Williams Sowby, Deseret News



  • Script in PDF format  — Order #2032a : $40.00 (from which you will be authorized to copy for your production)

  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2032d : $75


  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #2032e : $65


  • Professional Royalties will be quoted upon application
  • Performance license application (in PDF format) to open our Performance License Application. No production rights can be granted until this application is filled out and emailed to us (this happens automatically with this online form once you click send).


  • PREMIERE: Brigham Young University — 1989

PHOTOS from the original BYU production: (Courtesy of the Author)

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Tim Slover

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