Maror • A Short Play

Maror • A Short Play

by James Goldberg

Inspired by the true incident related by Carlfred Broderick in his book, “The Uses of Adversity.” What can you say or do for anyone who is going through one of those eternity-defining “Gethsemane” experiences? You can comfort, you can be a friend, you can support, you can stand by, holding a hand and have your Faith tried in the process as well. But that is how we bear one another’s burdens. This is what Christ Himself did. Or you can lose yourself in the why of it all. This short play brings up those moments of doubt that plague many and defeat even a few.

“MAROR” is a word denoting the bitter herbs partaken during the Passover to remind us of the suffering of the Hebrews under Egyptian rule.

Included in the volume, “OUT OF THE MOUNT” from the New Play Project in Provo, Utah, 2010.


  • 4m 2f
  • About 15 minutes
  • Simple setting
  • Contemporary costumes.
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  • PREMIERE READING: The New Play Project, Provo, Utah  — 2007




James Goldberg

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