Uncle Tom’s Cabin Concept CD

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Concept CD

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(Formerly known as “DIXIE!”)

Based on the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe

A faithful and inspiring musical adaptation of  the classic, “UNCLE TOM’S CABIN”. The characters are rich and colorful in this hopeful tragedy of life in the Pre-Civil War South. And this Uncle Tom  is not like any other you may see. He is strong, honest, righteous and trusting in the ways of his only Master, God.

The popular notion of an “Uncle Tom”, as passed down incorrectly by those who seek to denigrate, as a shuffling, ‘massa-saying’, subservient slave, demeans the true story of his character and goodness. Stowe had hoped to lift the concept of ‘property’ and expose this particular ‘property’ by returning these men and women to their full status as Human Beings and Children of God. She was misunderstood. Her words were twisted in a society unwilling to change. Though many began to understand just who had been enslaved, and how they were treated, the selfish notions of the wealthy and powerful  ‘property’ owners eventually turned a public outcry (by Stowe and her compatriots) into a public embarrassment, discrediting her even after the War Between The States.

This version of the story, with a Broadway-style musical score, seeks to echo Stowe’s ideals — all those in Human form are Men and Women, equal and entitled to all the rights provided by God to all men. Racism and counter-racism have no place in any society — especially one as enlightened as we believe we are today.



  • 40 minutes
  • 26 tracks
  • Leicester Bay Theatricals
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  • List Price: $6.99

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  1. Southern Hospitality (1:22)
  2. No Man Is My Master (1:33):
  3. If We Only Have Each Other (1:59)
  4. Upper Walks of Life (1:05)
  5. Glory To My Soul (1:57)
  6. Lord, I Am Listening (1:48)
  7. Unprediculous (1:04)
  8. Sleep, Little Child (2:03)
  9. What A Glorious Day (1:01)
  10. Lord, I Am Listening (reprise) (:50)
  11. It’s The End Result That Counts (1:45)
  12. Mind You, Topsy! (:48)
  13. How Does A Guy Supposed To Know? (2:39)
  14. Topsy Turvy (1:13)
  15. Make Happiness Happen (1:07)
  16. Miss You So (2:38)
  17. Goodbye — Sweet Angel (1:50):
  18. Goodbye –Sweet Angel (reprise) (:34)
  19. Pickin’ Cotton (:49)
  20. Lord, I Am Listening (reprise) (:48)
  21. As Long As You Can Hope (2:35)
  22. Just The Wind! (1:58):
  23. Oh, The Price of Freedom! (2:15)
  24. What A Glorious Day! (rep) (1:01)
  25. Southern Hospitality (reprise) (1:23)
  26. No One Walks Alone (1:46)



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