Freedom Song — A Story of Hope — TYA

Freedom Song — A Story of Hope — TYA

by Alexandra Grace Gaver

“Freedom Song — A Story Of Hope” takes a young, present-day student, Anne, on a journey through time with her guide, the incomparable Harriet Tubman. As her history unfolds around her, Anne discovers just a few of the different challenges and many triumphs of African-Americans, and meets a variety of individuals, including Ellen and William Craft and Martin Luther King, Jr. Join Anne on a journey through African-American history: the immense challenges, vital contributions, and unwavering courage. This play is educational, interactive and engagingly moving; a witty and exciting script to entertain and inspire both children and adults! A Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads Playscript.

This play has a slight restriction on its performance. The Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads is the only company that may perform the play in the following cities in Virginia: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton.


  • about 60 minutes
  • 19m 4f 6either19m 4f 6either Can be doubled to 2f 2m, or 2f 2either)
    Anne – A student in detention. She is bright but doesn’t apply herself academically (African-American from Virginia/Maryland/Delaware)
    Harriet Tubman – The famous African-American abolitionist and suffragette
    The American Colonies – A human representation of the 18th century American colonies
    The British Empire – A human representation of the 18th/19th century British empire
    Attacker 1 – A dumb kidnapper
    Attacker 2 – Another dumb kidnapper
    Omar ibn Said – An Islamic scholar
    Sheriff – A Southern sheriff, not very bright
    Henry – An escaped slave living in the Great Dismal Swamp
    James – A poor white man living in the Great Dismal Swamp
    Old Quaker Man – An abolitionist and owner of a “station” of the Underground Railroad
    Quaker Woman – An abolitionist and owner of a “station” of the Underground Railroad
    Boat Captain – An abolitionist and owner of a “station” of the Underground Railroad
    Ellen Craft – A slave in Macon, Georgia
    William Craft – A slave in Macon, Georgia
    Mr. Cray – A wealthy man from Georgia
    W. C. Handy – The American songwriter known as the “Father of the Blues”
    Elvis Presley – The King
    Voter – A black Southern trying to vote
    Poll Worker – A man working the polls
    Soldier – A former WWII soldier
    John Lewis – The young leader of SNCC
    Jim Lawson – Leader of the non-violence civil rights organization The Fellowship of Reconciliation
    Charles – A young civil rights protester
    Church Member – A young civil rights protester
    James Farmer – Leader of the civil rights organization CORE
  • Fluid setting with multiple locations
  • Contemporary and mid-1800s costumes
  • ORDER #3205
  • NOTE: Slightly restricted in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area due to the fact that they keep this play in repertory. Please apply well in advance of any intended production.

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  • PREMIERE: Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads — 2016


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    Freedom Song: A Story of Hope

    Alexandra Grace Gaver

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