The Not-So-Scary Nightmare Adventure — TYA

The Not-So-Scary Nightmare Adventure — TYA

by Alexandra Grace Gaver

This thrilling new play follows Bri, a young tooth fairy on the adventure of a lifetime. Desperate to prove herself, she starts off on a daring quest to save the world from bad dreams. Bri’s quest takes her from the home of the Boogeyman, to the kingdom of trolls, even all the way to the moon! As with all quests, by their vary nature, Bri learns things she did not know––about herself and the world around her. This wacky, heartfelt show is extremely interactive and a hit with children and adults alike! A Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads Playscript.

This play has a slight restriction on its performance. The Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads is the only company that many perform the play in the following cities in Virginia: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton.


  • about 60 minutes
  • 1f 10gender-neutral (all can double as ensemble except for Bri and DB) (doubling of speaking roles is also possible)
    Bri – A spoiled, arrogant, young fairy from a well-known tooth fairy family (female)
    DB – A dust bunny who longs for more excitement (designed to be a puppet)
    The Proctor – A tooth fairy test proctor (think DMV test proctor) who is getting too old for this
    The Boogeyman – The ruler of BoogeyTown; the creator of scary dreams
    The Bookworm – He’s a worm and he knows everything
    The Shoemaker’s Elves – They’re almost feral and obsessed with footwear. Their lines are should be performed in some sort of pidgin German/English
    The Man In The Moon – He has an astronomically large ego (no pun intended)
    Troll Guard – He’s not too bright, but he gets an “A” for effort
    The Mountain King – The evil, ambitious king of all trolls and goblins
    Child – A kid
    Dad – The child’s long suffering father. (not seen onstage)
    The Giant Soda Can – It’s a giant soda can
  • Fluid setting with multiple locations
  • Contemporary/Fantasy costumes
  • ORDER #3207
  • NOTE: Slightly restricted in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area due to the fact that they keep this play in repertory.

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  • PREMIERE: Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads — 2013


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    The Not-So-Scary Nightmare Adventure

    Alexandra Grace Gaver

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