Robin Hood: Legend of the Sherwood Bandit — play with songs

Robin Hood: Legend of the Sherwood Bandit — play with songs

Book & Lyrics by Ed Farnsworth

Music by Anthony Buck

(Perfect for Community Theatres, Youth Theatres, High School and College/University theatre departments)

This tale of Robin Hood is told to the audience by a band of medieval troubadours, led by the character playing Alan-a-Dale, and centers on the evolution of Robin Hood from a playful noble to a selfless hero.  Instrumental in this transformation is Maid Marian, a childhood friend who expects a different type of nobility from Robin than he is initially willing to uphold.  Robin is surrounded by his traditional band including Will Scarlet, Little John, and Friar Tuck, and is opposed by Prince John, Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.  But it takes more than just the expected characters to effect a change in Sir Robin of Locksley.  Legend of the Sherwood Bandit relies on a new character, Rowena to portray the consequences of the selfish decisions Robin could have made along the way. Martha, Little John’s wife, anchors the Sherwood bandits emotionally, and Much, the Miller’s Son, balances what could have become a darkly emotional tale with the perfect amount of comedy. The Legend of the Sherwood Bandit is timely because its themes are relevant, and it is relevant because its characters are believable.


  • CAST: 10M 5F (PLUS up to a dozen males and a dozen females to be additional Merry Men, foot
    soldiers, court nobles/ladies, peasants, and/or one-off characters as needed. 6 women for Alan-a-Dale’s troubadours. 5 children as Little John & Martha’s brood.)

    • 1. Robin Hood  • M –A Saxon noble, Robin of Locksley, is an outlaw who preys on Norman
      nobility. Athletic, charismatic, skilled in all weapons, but unparalleled with the longbow. Late 20s – early 30s.
    • 2. Maid Marian • F –A beautiful Norman lady of grace and charm, with a passion in her bearing that inspires respect in all around her. Early to mid 20s.
    • 3. Little John • M –A barrel-chested man, he is the largest and strongest of the Merry Men. A master of the quarterstaff and hand-to-hand combat. Stubborn and serious, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Late 30s to early 40s.
    • 4. Martha • F –Little John’s wife, and mother to their 5 children. A shorter, solid woman, alike to him in temperament. Pregnant. Late 30s to early 40s.
    • 5. Friar Tuck • M –A rotund, jolly man, devoted to the Church and the poor people he serves. Highly skilled with a sword. Late 30s to early 40s.
    • 6. Will Scarlet • M –A passionate, redheaded young man, he wields a pair of long knives. Often poses as Robin’s squire. Early 20s.
    • 7. Alan-a-Dale • M –The minstrel of Robin’s group, and chronicler of Robin’s adventures. Plays a lute. He is also the narrator of the story with his chorus.
    • 8. Much, the Miller’s Son • M –Orphaned with his sister, he is the youngest of the Merry Men. Eager to
      prove himself and always the first to come up with a (bad) plan of attack, though a poor fighter. Mid-teens.
    • 9. Eleanor the Miller’s Daughter • F –Sister of Much. A tomboy, she has an avid rivalry with her brother, but unlike him, she is actually skilled. Mid-teens.
    • 10. Sophie • F –Norman lady-in-waiting to Marian. Marian’s friend and trusted confidant. Early to mid 20s.
    • 11. King Richard • M –The Lionheart – the embodiment of the term “Your Majesty.” A powerful, regal, commanding figure. Mid 30s to early 40s.
    • 12. Prince John • M –Ruler of England in the absence of his older brother Richard. A shrewd schemer and manipulator, he craves the power and respect that flow naturally to Richard. Not large or strong, he is not the type that confronts his enemies directly, but works to undermine them. Early 30s.
    • 13. Guy of Gisbourne • M –Equal in station to Robin of Locksley, though more in favor with the Royal Court due to his Norman heritage, Guy is anything but noble. Large, strong, and loyal to Prince John, he has contempt for all below his station in life. He is a rival to Robin both in archery and for the hand of Maid Marian. His hooded cloak is made from the full skin of a horse, including head, mane, and tail, giving him a fearsome appearance in combat. Late 20s to early 30s.
    • 14. Sheriff of Nottingham • M –Guy of Gisbourne’s enforcer. A corrupt man with little honor and proud of it. Charged with keeping the highways of Nottinghamshire safe for trade and travel, he is constantly on the hunt for and humiliated by Robin and his Merry Men. Mid to late 30s.
    • 15. Rowena • F –A Saxon lady-in-waiting to Marian. Enamored with Guy of Gisbourne, she carries the hope that one day he will choose her over Marian. Early to mid-20s.
  • Period costumes of Merry Olde England, late 12th Century
  • Setting can be elaborate or simple, with levels and lighting denoting place
  • ORDER #3042



PERUSAL SCRIPT: The PDF of 1/2 of the script is available: RobinHood PERUSAL

DEMO SONGS:  mp3 demo of the songs (SOON)
Prologue — Alan-a-Dale’s Wagon
SONG #1 – Proplogue/Opening: The Tale of Robin Hood
SONG #2 – PROLOGUE (part 2)
Scene 1 Sherwood Forest – Road
SONG #3 – To The Fair Banquet
Scene 2 Nottinghamshire Castle – Great Hall
SONG #4 – Silently Robin Swiftly Departed
Scene 3 Sherwood Forest – Camp of the Merry Men
SONG #5 – But We Merry Men
Scene 4 Marian’s Chamber
SONG #6 – And Down To The Dungeon
Scene 5 Nottinghamshire Castle – Dungeon
SONG #7 – So Prince John Had Now Fixed His Eye
Scene 6 Locksley Castle – Chapel
SONG #8 – Scene Change/Maypole Dance
Scene 7 Fairgrounds – May Day Festival & Archery Tournament
SONG #9 — Melé
SONG #10 – Act One Finale: We Must Take Flight
Entr’acte — Alan-a-Dale’s Wagon
SONG #11 – Entr’acte: The Tale of Robin Hood (reprise)
Scene 1 Sherwood Forest – Camp of the Merry Men
SONG #12 – A Race Began
Scene 2 Nottinghamshire Castle – Great Hall
SONG #13 – And Because Her Heart Wanted Sir Guy
Scene 3 Marian’s Chamber
SONG # 14 – But Sadly Rowena Did Lie
Scene 4 Nottinghamshire Castle – Great Hall
SONG # 15 – Heartbroken, Rowena Did Vow
SONG #15a – Scene Change
Scene 5 Sherwood Forest – Camp of the Merry Men
SONG #16 – And While Little John
Scene 6 Nottinghamshire Castle – Great Hall
SONG #16a – Scene Change
Scene 7 Nottinghamshire Castle – Chapel
SONG # 17 – Epilogue/Finale: A Man Named Robin Hood

DEMO SAMPLES  (Author demos of selected songs from the show)


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  • Eagle Mountain Community Theatre, Utah — June 27, 28, 29, 2019
  • Premiered by Centerville Community Theatre, Utah — 2013
Players from the Centerville Community Theatre production.


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Robin Hood

Legend of the Sherwood Bandit

Book and Lyrics by
Ed Farnsworth

Music by

Anthony Buck


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