My Travels With Cecil — a short play

My Travels With Cecil — a short play

The search for the English folk song in American folk music.

by R. Rex Stephenson

Great for groups, amateur, professional or educational,  who tour to schools.

Folk songs are the backbone of American music. And since our people came from all over the world, so did our folk songs. “My Travels With Cecil” dramatizes the true story of Cecil Sharp’s journey to discover English ballads still surviving in America. In 1916, Sharp and his secretary Maud Karpeles traveled throughout the Appalachian Mountains in search of folk songs that had originally been sung in Britain, but had since disappeared from their oral tradition. This play recounts Sharp’s desperate search for a song that has haunted him since his youth, “Soldier Boy.” The play is ideal for touring. It features numerous songs Sharp collected along with several dances. It might be good to mention that without Mr. Sharp’s work these songs would now be lost to the world.


  • (8 Women, 7 Men and 6 of either sex: or with doubling 6 Women and 4 Men.)
    • Maudie Karpeles
    • Edith Dame Campbell
    • Cecil Sharp — (Sess-ul Sharp)
    • Clown 1
    • Morry
    • Clown 2
    • Doctor
    • Horse
    • Wife
    • Clown 3
    • Man 1
    • Mr. Abernathy
    • Trainman
    • Lady 1
    • Mrs. Montgomery
    • Mrs. Davis
    • Mr Bridges
    • Mrs. Webb
    • Mr Jake Sowder
    • Mrs. Lucy Cannady
    • Student Dancers
    • Mrs. Sowder
    • English People
  • Simple open space setting, with props
  • Early 1900s costumes
  • About 45 mins.
  • Study Guide Available: PDF $9.95 –– PRINT: $12.95 (ISBN:9781793847317)
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  • Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre — Ferrum, Virginia — 2003

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