A Christmas Carol — the play

A Christmas Carol — the play

by R. Rex Stephenson

(For Community, College/University, High School and Junior High School, Youth Groups, Community and Church groups.)

Undoubtedly Dickens’ most famous story, and most often adapted for the stage and screen with hundreds of adaptations available, both play and musical versions, this lively adaptation is quickly becoming a favorite due, in part, to the unique casting available of 8 women and only 6 men. The familiar story is there, but told in a way that allows for a female-heavy cast. The play takes place in a theatre in Rochester, England. Dickens has been called upon by the citizens of the community to write an adaptation of A Christmas Carol for the stage. To the surprise of everyone in town, Dickens not only intends to write the adaptation, but to star in it and direct it. On the other hand, Dickens is in for a surprise himself, because most of the men in the town are too busy with Christmas arrangements to participate in the play. It seems as though the play will have to be cancelled when a group of the ladies persuades Dickens to allow them to fill the roles that their husbands were to play.


  • 6m 8f 4children doubling 44 roles
    • Worker 1 –– Bob Cratchit, London Citizen
      Mr. Hodgson –– Worker, Dick, Spirit 3
      Mayor –– Nephew, Marley, Merchant Man
      Wife –– Housekeeper
      Mrs. Jackson –– Spirit 2, London Criminal
      Charles Dickens –– Ebenezer Scrooge
      Mrs. Adams –– Niece
      Mrs. Theodorou –– Spirit 1, London Citizen
      Miss Carpenter –– Donation Lady, Belle, Martha
      Mrs. Wickam –– Margaret Lowenfeld, London Citizen
      Young Man –– Young Scrooge (Can be played by Worker 1, if needed)
      Caldwell Cook –– Mr. Fezziwig, London Citizen, Debtor Husband
      Mrs. Cook –– Mrs. Fezziwig, Debtor Wife
      Mrs. Tyler –– London Criminal
      Cratchit Children:
      Patricia –– also plays Fan
      Tiny Tim –– also plays Boy Scroogeadditional carolers, dancers, Christmas party guests, and miners possible
  • Setting–simple or elaborate
  • Costumes –mid-1800s, Victorian England
  • About 90 mins
  • Order # 3329


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This video of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” adapted by Rex Stephenson, was directed by Anthony Pica at Menchville High School, Virginia, December 2015. This is Act Two.


“We recently did the version by R. Rex Stephenson that is produced by Leicester Bay Theatricals — it has more female roles than male roles and you could double a lot of the parts. Check it out – it’s a pretty fun show.”Matt Scharff, Theatre Arts Director, La Vernia High School, La Vernia, Tx.


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  • First Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3329d : $75


  • Second Performance Amateur/Educational Royalty — Order #3326e : $65


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  • Ferrum College Theatre, Ferrum Virginia — December 2019
  • La Vernia High School, La Vernia, Tx —
  • Menchville High School, Virginia — 2015
  • PREMIERE: Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre, Ferrum, Virginia —


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