A Grand Moral Entertainment • Short Variety Evening

A Grand Moral Entertainment • Short Variety Evening

Compiled by R. Don Oscarson.

(For production by LDS Wards and Stakes.)

This little entertainment is a reconstruction of what an evening in the theatre would have been like for the citizens of Nauvoo in the 1840s. Music, Dance, Drama all combined for the delight of the Saints. Professionals were hired and locals conscripted, often involving the Brethren of the Twelve. The company, and sometimes the audience, would sing, dance and watch a performance headed by a professional with the locals added. The original performance in 1844 was headed by New York actor Thomas A. Lyne. Brigham Young himself played the Peruvian High Priest. The cast list also contained: G. A. Smith, an E. Snow, a G. J. Adams, a Kimball and an A. Lyman.The entire evening was put on to help Joseph Smith relieve the unfair debts that the Missouri officials had placed upon him.


  • About 45 minutes.
  • 8 Actors, 2 Actresses + Choir members + 4 dancing couples + extra men and women for the Play within the play.
  • Order # 2068


  • A Perusal Script in PDF format is available by clicking Grand Moral PERUSAL.
  • A copy of the original poster from the April 34th 1844 performance of the five-act-play “PIZARRO,” in Nauvoo (GME1844Poster)
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It is offered to LDS Wards and Stakes royalty free. (Others must apply for license)

The only fee is a script fee of $15.00 which will give the producer the following:

  • full script
  • music for the dances
  • description of what a Quadrille is
  • set designs
  • costume schedule
  • prop lists
  • The only thing left to acquire is a few copies of the Hymn Book that Emma Smith put together in 1835

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  • Nauvoo Cultural Hall — 1980


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