A.J.’s Miracle • Original Cast CD

A.J.’s Miracle • Original Cast CD

by Mark Ogden

A Missionary story you will never forget!

A.J.’s Miracle is meant to show the human side of missionaries. The show is based on the true incidents of the author as he served his mission. The story begins with a bet: $500 that AJ cannot fulfill an LDS Mission. The story follows his reluctant progress as he is sent to serve in Mexico. It is said that a mission is the best kept secret in the Church. Unless you go you have no idea what it is really like. The many missions in their varied locations in the world are each totally different. Just as different are the missionaries who serve. The underlying theme of AJ’s Miracle is this: “The Lord can take what most people perceive as the worst and make out of it, the best.”

The score is a wonderful mix of the classic Broadway style of songwriting and the pop style.


  • 46 minutes
  • 13 tracks
  • UPC: 889290121226
  • Zion Theatricals
  • List Price: $14.99

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SONG LIST (Please remember one thing: this is a recording of the score as it was first presented. Now, in the final production draft, many of the lyrics have changed from what you will hear on the album.)

  1. Only By Some Miracle
  2. Monday Night Girl
  3. Silver and Gold
  4. Monday Night Girl (reprise)
  5. The Promise
  6. Lengthen Your Stride & Dare To Be Different
  7. Making Preparations
  8. Faith Precedes The Miracle
  9. The Field Now Is White
  10. Love Isn’t Over
  11. I Am You
  12. Trunky
  13. Curtain Call & Exit Music



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