The Opposing Wheel • A Mythical Fantasia

The Opposing Wheel • A Mythical Fantasia

A World Waiting to Break Free!

by Mahonri Stewart

(Under license from Prospero Arts and Media)

In this magical fantasy, the ancient, the modern, and the future collide. As heir of the curse of the famous Lady of Shallot, Magdalena Devonshire has never set foot outside her castle and is plagued by devils, but soon the world will be coming to her. A strange man calling himself Daniel drops a dead body on her table. Next, he brings the body back to life! But this is only the beginning of what Time has in store for Maggie. Follow along with Maggie’s adventure as immortal prophets, amnesiac wizards, and Arthurian legends descend upon her world for a conflict that will affect the future and the past!

GENRES: Fantasy, Mythology, Romance


  • CAST SIZE: 8 (4f, 5m)
  • RUN TIME: 2 hours
  • SETS: Surreal
  • COSTUMES: Fantasy/Contemporary
  • ORDER # 3308


“The Opposing Wheel is something we don’t get on stage very often: high fantasy . . . Stewart’s script is complex and full of detail . . . [if you] enjoy fantasy stories like the Narnia books, then the show should be irresistible.”Russell Warne, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

“I wish I could have gotten a shot of the nearly full moon peeking out of the clouds behind us as it rose above the mountain top [at the outdoor Castle Theater]. It was magical, just like Mahonri’s play. Literally. Magical spells and all. What a thought provoking, crazy mix of characters from Camelot, minions of the devil, a lovely pagan trapped in a tower, and a Mormon . . . But nothing turns out the way you expect. It’s pretty difficult to figure out who the real heroes are because everyone has goodness and everyone has flaws … an amusing, touching, modern fairy tale. With a nice feminist twist, I might add. Keep your eyes on this Mahonri Stewart, people.”Margy Layton, Shove Me in the Shallow Water


  • A copy of the PERUSAL SCRIPT (in PDF format) which contains Act One of the script of the play is available, (it also has an extensive Author’s Note.): Opposing Wheel PERUSAL 3308
  • The PRINT VERSION of THE OPPOSING WHEEL is published by ZARAHEMLA BOOKS in the volume EVENING EUCALYPTUS AND OTHER PLAYS and is available on Amazon
. A great way to peruse the entire script for $12.00 HERE


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The Opposing Wheel

Mahonri Stewart

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THE OPPOSING WHEEL is presented through special arrangement with Leicester Bay Theatricals.  All authorized materials are also supplied by LBT,”


  • Imminent Catharsis Media, 2012
  • PREMIERE: Utah Valley University, 2006