Latter-day Ruth • Original Cast CD

Latter-day Ruth • Original Cast CD

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart

Music by Steve Amundsen

The Biblical story of Ruth has long held important and essential principles for the conduct of men and women as Believers in Christ. Doug and Steve have transposed this classic story to the modern day where Ruth stands at the center of a loving family. The parallels are uncannily drawn between the era of Ruth in the Bible and her modern day counterpart. It is an inspirational journey for cast and audience as Ruth and Beau and family find their way together.



  • 64minutes
  • 23 tracks
  • UPC: 691027467237
  • Zion Theatricals
  • List Price: $15.99

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1. My Day (2:05)
2. Babylon Will Get Us (2:18)
3. The Show of Life (2:54)
4. Where Is A Woman Needed Most (2:39)
5. Good Mormon Boys (2:44)
6. Can’t Make It On My Own (2:49)
7. Life On The Stage (4:11)
8. Rules (1:28)
9. Use Your Talents To Build Up Zion (2:29)
10. Whatever It Takes (3:14)
11. The Center (3:04)
12. Rules (reprise) (:50)
13. The Vision (4:08)
14. I Got Used To You (2:35)
15. My Day (reprise 1) (1:33)
16. Woman of the World (2:43)
17. Marriage Is A Room (3:40)
18. The Show of Life (reprise) (3:03)
19. Can’t Make It On My Own (reprise1) (2:50)
20. Can’t Make It On My Own (reprise2) (1:29)
21. The Vision (reprise) (5:41)
22. My Day (reprise 2) (1:20)
23. Finale: Mother Where Are You (3:39)



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