Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl • Original Cast Album CD

Debbie: Diary of a Mormon Girl • Original Cast Album CD

Book & Lyrics by Heather Young

Music by Lex De Azevedo

© Deseret Book Company, Licensed here exclusively, by permission

Long a favorite of those who saw the original touring production, this show delivers big on music and entertainment value, while providing essential ideas and concepts for living a Christ-Centered life.


Approaching her 16th birthday, Debbie is unsettled and unsure – about everything. Adolescence has really gotten her bewildered. She spends all her money on an expensive journal, in the hopes that she can keep track of all the things she wants and hopes for and despairs over. She names it Solomon. She talks to it, and it takes on the personality of a Young Man. Debbie dates. She despairs. Debbie searches for her testimony. She despairs but writes a letter to Boyd K. Packer. She dates and despairs again. She teaches primary, the plans a Youth Conference, she gets a job at the local hospital caring for sick children – after several years she begins to find herself through the wise counsel of Solomon, her anthropomorphic Journal. She sorts through the hazards of adolescence. She navigates the paths of conscience and desire. She lives.


  • 61 minutes
  • 18 tracks
  • Zion Theatricals
  • UPC: 636160243195
  • List: $18.95


  • The Original Cast Album is now available  on CD. Originally a double LP album, the songs come now on a single CD.


1 – Song To Solomon Debbie
2 – How Can I Know How Far I Can Go? Debbie & Solomon
3 – I Wonder If He Loves Me Debbie
4 – If Someone Really Cared Stanford
5 – Popularity Company
6 – An Ordinary Man Debbie
7 – Questions To Boyd K. Packer Debbie
8 – Pure And Simple No Solomon & Debbie
9 – Here Comes Love Again Debbie
10 – Once Upon A Star Joey
11 – Pomp And Circumstance Company
12 – Once Upon A Star (Reprise) & When A Woman Loves A Man Joey
13 – How Far Can I Go? Debbie
14 – Where Are You Now? Debbie & Jana
15 – New Stanford
16 – How Far Can I Go? (Reprise) Debbie
17 – Curtain Call and Playout (BONUS)
18 – The Closet Song (BONUS)


from the original cast album, remastered from the only existing source: a long-playing vinyl record.


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