Lavender and Exile • Episode 2 of the RADIO HOUR Series

Lavender and Exile • Episode 2 of the RADIO HOUR Series

by Matthew Ivan Bennett

Another Halloween offering! Two original plays – Lavender & Exile – based on ghost stories from Salt Lake City.

In Lavender, a young man falls for a Scottish young woman who appears to be new to town. This sweet and haunting love story riffs on the familiar stories of ghosts and love at first sight. This story will tax your reason and twist the cockles of your heart. Exile spins a chilling yarn about a real-life grave-robber at the Salt Lake City Cemetery circa 1860, whose apparition is allegedly still seen on the shores of the Great Salt Lake.


RADIO HOUR is a co-production between Salt Lake City’s Plan-B Theatre Company and the University of Utah’s Public Radio station KUER’s Radio West.

DISCLAIMER: The Radio Hour logo is used by permission of KUER Radio West and Plan-B Theatre Company, as are all artwork and photographs.


  • CAST of LAVENDER — 3f 3m 1either
    • Old Henry / Young Henry
    • Mrs. Tanner
    • Warren
    • Emily
    • Old Neighbor (Gender Neutral)
    • Young People (doubled by various cast members)
      Suggested doubling — 2f 2m
    • Actor 1: Old Henry / Young Henry / Young People
    • Actor 2: “Lavender” / Young People
    • Actor 3: Mrs. Tanner / Emily / Young People
    • Actor 4: Warren / Old Neighbor / Young People
  • CAST of EXILE 5f 6m 1either
    • Narrator (Gender Neutral)
    • Jean Baptiste
    • Mrs. Baptiste
    • Mr. George Clawson
    • Policeman Henry Heath
    • Sexton Jesse C. Little
    • First Girl
    • Second Girl
    • Outraged Woman
    • Miss Penny
    • The Voice of Wilford Woodruff
    • The Voice of Brigham Young
    • Mob
    • EFFECTS (F/X)
      Suggested Doubling to 2f 2m 1either
    • Actor 1: Narrator (Gender Neutral), possibly Voices
    • Actor 2: First Girl, Miss Penny, Mob (if narrator is female, Actors 1 and 2 can combine)
    • Actor 3: Jean Baptiste, Voice of Wilford Woodruff, Voice of Brigham Young, Mob
    • Actor 4: Mrs. Baptiste, Second Girl, Sexton Jesse C. Little, Outraged Woman, Mob
    • Actor 5: Mr. George Clawson, Policeman Henry Heath, Mob
      NOTE: because of the unique way this was produced originally, with two live foley artists, it’s hard to double EXILE, as the foley artists were used for some characters.
  • Period Costumes or contemporary clothes
  • Radio Station setting
  • Sound Effects required (can be Foley, recorded, or a mix of both. Music required.)
  • 52 minutes
  • ORDER #3236



  • A copy of the PERUSAL SCRIPT (in PDF format) which contains half of the script of the play is available, (it also has an extensive Author’s Note.): Lavender and Exile (RADIO HOUR) PERUSAL
  • The shorter play: LAVENDER (3236.1) is available for production as a self-contained performance HERE
  • The shorter play: EXILE (3236.2) is available for production as a self-contained performance HERE
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  • Premiered  at Plan-B Theatre Company (co-produced by KUER’s Radio West program) — 2007


The following is how the credits should read in all programs, posters, fliers, handbills and other promotional advertising for the show:

Lavender and Exile
Episode 2 of the RADIO HOUR Series

Matthew Ivan Bennett

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LAVENDER AND EXILE is presented through special arrangement with Leicester Bay Theatricals.  All authorized materials are also supplied by LBT,”


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