The White Star • The Musical Sequel to Saturday’s Warrior

The White Star • The Musical Sequel to Saturday’s Warrior

Book and Lyrics by Doug Stewart

Music by Janice Kapp Perry

Luke, a born-again convert lives next door to the now grown Jimmy Flinders, who by the end of “Saturday’s Warrior,” had found his way — literally and figuratively — back home. The ensuing years have not exactly been easy on him, and at the beginning of “White Star,” he is totally inactive in his faith. Now the father of four, he must still find his way back to the light. Luke is on a Quest. “White Star” is the story of a family in spiritual crisis, and a visit from an angel that awakens in a young man a quest to turn around his life, save his Father from an unspoken demon, and unite his family. Through drama, humor, and music, it is a story of how the pure love of Christ heals all.


  • Cast of 9M 8F
  • About 90 minutes
  • Order # 2060

Available to all producing groups


  • A PDF document containing reviews of the original production from The Deseret News and Meridian Magazine WhiteStarREVIEWS

Capsulated reviews:

Consensus: “The White Star” — Not To Be Missed! The Best Of Them All!

“A Message of Faith, repentance and redemption. Warm and Reassuring dialogue and lyrics that are deep.  This show will play well in LDS venues… Could be used as a missionary tool!” — Rodger L. Hardy, Deseret News

“Uplifting! Sent Shivers down my spine. Ventures deeper than “Saturday’s Warrior.” If you’re looking for a family-friendly musical that promotes good values, “The White Star” is the answer to your prayers.” — Jessie Evans. Provo Daily Herald

Absolutely Wonderful! We loved every minute, and so did the rest of the crowd. The story, the music, the cast… it was all great. We laughed, we cried, and we laughed while we cried.” — Vanessa Godfrey, Letter to Editor, Deseret News

Outstanding! Carries a message of love and caring on opposite sides of the veil. Fast paced, entertaining, and chock full of great tunes. Audiences of all ages will love “The White Star.”” — Laurie Williams Sowby,

Amazing Spirit! Showed how both sides of the veil work together to bring those who are struggling to feel the Savior’s love. As “The White Star” begins to visit different areas of the church, you don’t want to miss out!” — Darrell Robinson, Deseret News

Stirring & Memorable! The Original and Sequel are cleverly woven together into a whole. There is humor… there are tears… A story of love and redemption, of the importance of family, and the necessity of both faith and hope in the atonement and in the Savior.” — Carma Wadley, Deseret News


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file (in PDF format) is available here: WhiteStarPERUSAL. It contains Act One of this 2-act musical.
  • Purchase the Original Cast Album on CD and Digital Download from (CD-$12.84 // Digital Download-$8.99)
  • SONG LIST (excluding reprises)
  1. Zion’s Strength Has Come
  2. Let There Be Song
  3. Hand In Hand
  4. Enter In
  5. No More Tears
  6. This Man I Call My Dad
  7. Rivers of Despair
  8. Gentle Savior
  9. The Atonement
  10. Free At Last
  11. I Am Yours
  12. The Witness
  13. You Will Rise Above All
  14. When Stars Go Dark
  15. Wondrous Restoration
  16. The White Star
  17. Our Brother’s Comin’ Home
  18. We Believe

SONG SAMPLES (from the Original Cast Album)

A Promo Video (posted on YouTube) is available for you to listen to a song (#12 You Will Rise Above All) from the show:


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  • Promotion Package — Order #2060Promo: Free with a production order. (jpegs and documents that can be delivered by digital download after the receipt of the signed performance license)
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  • NOTE:  The downloading is free.


  • Western States Tour begun at Timpview High School, Provo, Utah — 2009
  • BYU Education Week — 2009
  • Little Brown Theatre, Springville, Utah — 2009

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