Three Timeless Tales • Three Plays for Children

Three Timeless Tales • Three Plays for Children

by George King and Gayanne Ramsden King & Katherine Farmer

Music by C. Michael Perry, Mylee Bell and Diane Baker Drinkall

Lyrics by George and Gayanne Ramsden King, Mylee Bell, Kendra Lowe & C. Michael Perry

Arrangements by C. Michael Perry, Mylee BellEda Ashby,

A short evening of short plays/musicals for child and family audiences. Written to include mostly children/youth in the casts along with a seasoned adult. Hans Christian Andersen is the Story-teller for the evening, weaving and linking the stories together.

  • The Brementown Musicians —The classic story by the Brothers Grimm of a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster — who are cast aside at the beginning of the play and told that they are “too old to be of any use.”  In the adventures that follow, they discover that they can all sing very well together and so they decide to go to Brementown to earn their living as performers. On their way through the forest, they happen upon a house full of robbers and, quite unwittingly, they succeed in scaring the robbers away. They then take over the robbers’ lair and decide to open it as an inn where they can sing, entertain guests, and earn their own way. This entertaining comedy hilariously brings home the message that we are never to old to be of good use and that you can indeed teach old donkeys, dogs, cats, and roosters new tricks.
  • The Funny Little Woman and Her Dumpling–When this Japanese fable begins there is a famine in the land. An old woman is making one last dumpling to eat when it suddenly rolls away from her. As she runs after it, she is captured by a terrible Oni monster. He takes her to his home to make dumplings for him and his friends and gives her a magic paddle that makes rice. One day the old woman finds her lost dumpling and decides to use the magic paddle to return back to her home. Although Onis are usually portrayed as villains, in this tale the Funny Little Woman ties them up and squirts them with a water gun ending the story with a happy twist on the old pie throwing gag. Rather than throw the pie, the Storyteller eats it.  The Funny Little Woman escapes from the Onis and saves her friends while she makes dumplings with the magic rice paddle. Children will love the slapstick routines and seeing how cleverly the Funny Little Woman can outwit the Oni monsters.
  • The Ugly Duckling —The Ugly Duckling is cast off and scorned because he is seen as “different” from the very moment he hatches from a large awkward egg.  He is at once chased from the castle yard while all the animals make fun of him. He is then rejected by an Old Woman and her pets and finally spends a long cold winter huddling in a marsh. When Spring brings two hunters with guns to the marsh, the Ugly Duckling courageously saves a beautiful swan from being shot by them. It is then that he finally realizes that he is also a swan and is immediately accepted by the swans who praise him for bravery.  At long last, he finds love and acceptance, and the place where he really belongs.


    • The Brementown Musicians (13 players, doubling not possible)
    • The Funny Little Woman and Her Dumpling (4-9 players, doubling possible)
    • The Ugly Duckling (9-13 players play 24 characters, doubling recommended)
  • Simple Settings
  • Fairy Tale and traditional ethnic costumes
  • About 60 minutes
  • Order # 3294

Each short play in this evening of theatre is also able to  be performed as a separate play.


  • A copy of the PERUSAL SCRIPT (in PDF format) which contains half of the script of the play is available Three Timeless Tales PERUSAL
  • COMPLETE SONG LIST (BOLDED songs have demos below)
    • MUSICAL #1 — DREAM WITH ME — H.C. AndersenMUSICAL #2 — DONKEY’S SONG — DonkeyMUSICAL #3 — DOGGIE’S SONG — Doggie & DonkeyMUSICAL #4 — MOUSER’S  SONG — Cat, Doggie & DonkeyMUSICAL #5 — COCKY’S SONG — Rooster, Cat, Doggie, DonkeyMUSICAL #6 — THE BREMENTOWN MUSICIANS FINALE — Company

      MUSICAL #7 —  SUMMER SONG —  Company

      MUSICAL #8 —  QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! — Ducks

      MUSICAL #9 — SWAN WALTZ — Swans

      MUSICAL #10 — SOMEONE FINE — Cat, Hen

      MUSICAL #11—  UGLY DUCKLING (FINALE) — Ugly Duckling and Company

      MUSICAL #12 — DREAM WITH ME (reprise) — H.C. Andersen and Company

SONG DEMOS made from the FINALE MUSIC NOTATION software files.

VOCAL DEMOS from the Composer Demos for this show


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  • Premiered by The Afternoon Players — 2019


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Three Timeless Tales
a play for children

by George and Gayanne Ramsden King & Katherine Farmer

Music by C. Michael Perry, Mylee Bell and Diane Baker Drinkall

Lyrics by George and Gayanne Ramsden King, Mylee Bell, Kendra Lowe & C. Michael Perry


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