Seigfried Idyll — A Play

Seigfried Idyll — A Play

by Thomas F. Rogers

(For performance by Professional, Community, and College/University groups.)

(suggested by the stories of “The Ring of The Neibelung”)

Beyond its depiction of sordid, mean spirited lives–a nevertheless needful ‘value contrast,’ as artists put it, shadow underscoring the light—the Nibelung legend forcefully portrays a redemptive aspect of human life. Siegfried’s infatuation with Hilde (Brunhilde) has been, while whole souled, also blind, as we in fact often say ‘love’ is. He even kills for it. The one character who approaches Christlike self-renunciation in others’ behalf is Gudrun, and, despite Siegfried’s truly fallen state, he learns from her example. She is in a sense his savior—like Beatrice is Dante’s and Margareta Faust’s–and his own Liebestod is a necessary ‘blood atonement’ that emulates Gudrun’s decency and virtue. It is this that makes the tale so significant in both German letters and for Wagner’s audiences. This play version is an attempt to translate the celebrated Teutonic myth into more identifiably everyday human terms.The classic story of Siegfried and Brunhilde is transferred to a later day when, after the Second World War, Germany was split apart by the Allies in the name of peace and the Cold War settled upon us. In 1957, Mother Nibelung and her two freedom-seeking sons are searching for riches and for legitimacy. They find the hope for their dream’s fulfillment in the person of Siegfried, whom, through political and legal coercion, they dupe into marrying Gudrun, their teenage daughter and sibling. The fates and other mysterious powers also rule the lives of Siegfried and his manipulative lover Hilde. Everything culminates in a web of murder and deceit, compulsion and duty, love and need.


  • 7M 2W 1Teenboy 1Teengirl
  • Unit set that includes 2 exteriors and 1 interior
  • About 2 hours
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  • The PERUSAL PAGES file for Siegfried Idyll  will be available by clicking SiegfriedIdyllPERUSAL The PDF file is the first act of the three-act-play and all other pertinent information about the play.
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Siegfried Idyll
a play by
Thomas F. Rogers

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