The Second Priest — A Play

The Second Priest — A Play

SecondPriestARTby Thomas F. Rogers.

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups)

This play poses the pacifist dilemma. Set in an unspecified locale, now, or sometime in the future, it’s idealistic hero, Agen, refuses to take the lives of his political enemies. In consequence, his wife dies and he loses his memory. As, years later, he recovers from his amnesia, he proves the perfect candidate for his nation’s highest office. Manipulated by his minister and boyhood friend, Cantri, while negotiating a binding peace with a foreign power, Agen unintentionally abets the death of his only child. In an effort to enforce the treaty he’s already paid such a high price for, he finally attempts, in a public address, to dissuade his nation from developing any more deadly weapons. In order to stop him, Cantri orders Agen’s assassination. Ironically, a man’s attempt to combat war and bloodshed by disavowing violence has led to, first, the deaths of his wife and son, and then his own.

This play is more timely than ever with the political climate in the U.S and elsewhere, today!

Hard hitting drama not for children under 13.


  • 8M 3W (doubled) play all the roles.
  • About 2 hours.
  • ORDER #3068     


  • The PERUSAL PAGES file for The Second Priest are available by clicking SecondPriestPERUSAL. The PDF file is the first act of the play and all other pertinent information about the play.
  • This and other plays by Thomas F. Rogers may be read in the new publication: The Plays of Thomas F. Rogers Volume 1 : Perestroika and Glasnost (the FIVE plays included are: Charades, Crime and Punishment, God’s Fools, The Idiot, and The Second Priest. You can purchase the five play volume HERE for $16.00 (saving $3.99 off the list price) and getting to read five of Tom Rogers’ plays about Russia before, during and after Communism. Introduction by University of Utah Theatre Professor, Bob Nelson.
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  • Premiered at BYU — 1979


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The Second Priest

a play by
Thomas F. Rogers

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