The Cricket On The Hearth — Staged Radio Play

Adapted from the Charles Dickens story by R. Rex Stephenson & Jody D. Brown (For performance by any amateur, educational or professional

Two Guys Sitting On A Bench By A River Talking About Stuff Of No Importance To Anyone — a short play for Seniors

by Jerry Walker (Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.) What do guys talk about? Well,

We Ain’t Dead Yet — An Evening of Plays for Seniors

by Jerry Walker (Perfect for Senior Theatre groups and all others who perform for Senior audiences.) 8 plays ranging from comic to

Merry Gentlemen — a play inspired by “A Christmas Carol”

The story of “A Christmas Carol” provides a loose framework and several characters for this exploration of parent-child relationships. Tired of the same old Christmas Carol? This may be exactly what you are looking for!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep — play

A play about teens: their struggles, their hopes, their dreams, their epic fails.

Chosen: Stories On Adoption — play

A warm, moving, and sometimes funny look at adoption from the minds and hearts of the adopted and those who adopt them.

Billy Goes To War — a Play to End All Wars

The horrors of war are just that, but in this play about the unluckiest boy who ever lived, you’ll find yourself laughing right after your heart has been torn apart.

The Little Mermaid’s Little Sister — TYA

A delightful twist on the fairy tale as both the mermaid and her prince have a younger, same-gender sibling who get them and others into trouble; but it’s the little sister who is at the center of this story.

The Riddle of the Sphinx and More of History’s Mysteries Revealed — TYA

Yeti, Sasquatch, Sphinx and Amazonian Queen make for mystery in the theatre; but then set it in a Carnival-type atmosphere and it becomes a Mystery Sideshow Theatre piece!

The Mummy’s Tale: And other Voices from the Great Beyond — TYA

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Aztecs knew that Death was not a mystery! Or was it?

Atlantis, Lost! and Other Legends from the Strange Waves — TYA

Atlantis, Pirates, and Loch Ness are mysteries of our water-filled world. But when these tales are set in a Sideshow atmosphere, it takes the action up a notch!

Way Out West: The Journey of Lewis and Clark and Other Tales — TYA

The West of the U.S. frontier has spawned many tales, from Native American creation, to the Pony Express, along with the history of Lewis & Clark, the Mystery Sideshow Theatre has never been more full of fun and wonder!

Reindeer Games: A Christmas Panto for Young and Olde!

The delightful traditions and history of Christmas are brought to life in this fine little Panto!

Caravan • a play

An enemy is someone whose story you do not know. This play brings Jews, Muslims, and Christians together in an almost sacred unity.

Facing East • The Play

A father and a mother confront the suicide of their adult gay son, whose male partner visits the gravesite at the same time, where they enact a mock funeral. The discussion follows the tack of seeing and hearing someone when they are still alive.

Galileo’s Pendulum — TYA

Galileo’s most important contribution to the world may not have been in pure sciences, but in the allowance and tolerance of Freedom of Thought. This play chronicles that journey with either young or adult actors for young audiences.

Crowns and Commoners — Premiere Play File (TYA)

A royal family must reconcile before the kingdom is bequeathed to the three daughters of the King in this play about love and loyalty — and life.

Gathering Grimm — a play

For young or adult audiences this play uncovers some ‘facts’ about the Brothers Grimm: that most of their stories came from or through their sisters and female friends.